Port of Hoodsport Park/Waterfront Park/Marina Dock Event Application Form

Information we require for the Event Application PDF linked above. Please download and fill out the pdf and either email or mail to the address on the form/below.

Date: _______________

Event Sponsor & Name of Event (Facility User): _________________________________________________________________________

Contact Information:

Direct Contact: _______________________________________________________________

Email Address: ________________________________________________________________

Phone: __________________________________________________

Event Date Requested: _______________________________________

Start Time/ End Time:   _______________________________________

Number of People attending: __________________________________

Special Requests: ______________________________________________________________

Precautions (if any) in place as per Federal/State/County guidelines: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Brief description of event: _________________________________________________________________________


1.        $100.00 nonrefundable deposit reservation fee for approved Sponsored events

2.        Event application submitted at least 4 months prior to event for commission approval

3.        Facility Use Agreement must be approved by commission 3 months prior to event and signed by all parties

4.        Certificates of Liability Insurance from each Vendor at your event as specified on the Facility Use Agreement in each organization’s names and evidence of current liability insurance for specific types of liabilities for this event naming the Port of Hoodsport and WA State DNR as additionally insured with $2,000,000.00 liability limits and coverages.  

 submitted at least 2 months prior to event

If applicable **Certificates of Liability from Each Participating Vendor Must be Received by the Port of Hoodsport One Month Prior to the Event.

*Preferred method of correspondence is via email at:  


Port of Hoodsport    


24113 N Hwy 101 Suite A

P.O.Box 429 (mailing address)

Hoodsport, WA 98548-0429

E-mail portmail@hctc.com