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Port Of Hoodsport Moorage Fee

MOORAGE FEE (approved at the November 8, 2006, Port of Hoodsport Commission Meeting. A revised moorage fee approved via Resolution POH23-01 on March 8, 2023)

In 2006, two public hearings were held on the implementation of a $10 overnight moorage fee. If a vessel is moored for more than 12 consecutive hours, it is considered ‘Overnight moorage’. Since there was no public comment, a motion was made to approve an overnight moorage fee of $10, to be implemented no sooner than January 1, 2007, pending completion of administrative steps to implement, as well as Resolution POH06-03. The motion was approved unanimously. 

At the March 8, 2023, regular port commission meeting, Commissioner Morris made a motion to increase the Port of Hoodsport’s overnight moorage fee to meet the market rate comparable with similar marinas. the moorage fee was raised to $20.00 per overnight stay.

All vessels, aircraft, vehicles, trailers or persons using the facilities of the Port of Hoodsport for moorage, storage, or otherwise, shall be subject to all the rates, charges rules and regulations of the Port as published in the Ports Tariff, Resolution No. POH-R77-01, copies of which are posted in, and which may be obtained in the Port Office. 

Moorage charges shall mean the charge for the use of dock or float space and/or water adjacent thereto, by all boats and/or vessels of any kind, entering and mooring in the Port of Hoodsport Harbor.

Wharfage is a fee charged for the use of a platform built out from the shore into the water and supported by piles which provides access to ships and boats.


Use of Wharves or facilities and/or waterways shall be deemed an acceptance of this tariff and the rates, charges, rules and regulation named herein.

Transient berths, when available, will be rented at the discretion of the Port. Transient boat operators mooring overnight must register their vessels with the Port immediately and pay $10.00. Registration envelopes and instructions are available at the kiosk Port’s waterfront park. Transient boats moored one hour over 12 hours which have not been registered upon each visit as herein required will be subject to a penalty as per Section 6.48-Public Docks “Unauthorized Mooring”, in addition to the applicable moorage rate.

For specific rules and regulations pertaining to unauthorized mooring, go to the Mason County Municipal Ordinance Codes and Regulations.


Please be sure to register and pay the fee if your vessel is moored or anchored at the dock or adjacent waterways for more than twelve consecutive hours.  Violation of this county ordinance may constitute a misdemeanor of a $500.00 fine or ninety days in the county jail or both for each day during or on which a violation occurs or continues. If you are in violation, Your vessel may also be impounded without notice under Section 9.04.330 .

MAXIMUM LENGTH OF VESSELS ALLOWED IN CERTAIN BERTHS: Overhangs. No vessel shall be permitted to moor in a berth where the vessel extends beyond “overhangs” the end of the finger float more than five (5) feet.


All Vessels shall register & pay fees if mooring for over 12 consecutive hours.  Moorage is on a first come first served basis and is limited to 24 hours.  Vessels without proper identification may be denied moorage. Owner/Operator agrees to keep the area around their vessel neat and clean.  Discharge of sewage & cleaners into the canal is strictly prohibited. All pets must be on a leash and the owner is responsible for cleanup of animal waste.


Anyone using the Port of Hoodsport property, or its facilities, will do so at his/her own risk.  It is agreed the Port of Hoodsport will not be liable for any personal injuries suffered by owners/his/her agents or invitees arising from any cause upon the vessel on port property or adjacent thereto.  It is mutually agreed the Port of Hoodsport shall not be held liable or responsible in any manner for any damage of said vessel, tackle, gear, equipment and/or property.

Event Application

Port of Hoodsport Park/Waterfront Park/Marina Dock Event Application Form

Information we require for the Event Application PDF linked above. Please download and fill out the pdf and either email or mail to the address on the form/below.

Date: _______________

Event Sponsor & Name of Event (Facility User): _________________________________________________________________________

Contact Information:

Direct Contact: _______________________________________________________________

Email Address: ________________________________________________________________

Phone: __________________________________________________

Event Date Requested: _______________________________________

Start Time/ End Time:   _______________________________________

Number of People attending: __________________________________

Special Requests: ______________________________________________________________

Precautions (if any) in place as per Federal/State/County guidelines: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Brief description of event: _________________________________________________________________________


1.        $100.00 nonrefundable deposit reservation fee for approved Sponsored events

2.        Event application submitted at least 4 months prior to event for commission approval

3.        Facility Use Agreement must be approved by commission 3 months prior to event and signed by all parties

4.        Certificates of Liability Insurance from each Vendor at your event as specified on the Facility Use Agreement in each organization’s names and evidence of current liability insurance for specific types of liabilities for this event naming the Port of Hoodsport and WA State DNR as additionally insured with $2,000,000.00 liability limits and coverages.  

 submitted at least 2 months prior to event

If applicable **Certificates of Liability from Each Participating Vendor Must be Received by the Port of Hoodsport One Month Prior to the Event.

*Preferred method of correspondence is via email at:  


Port of Hoodsport    


24113 N Hwy 101 Suite A

P.O.Box 429 (mailing address)

Hoodsport, WA 98548-0429

E-mail portmail@hctc.com