2020 November 11 – 2021 Budget Hearing Minutes

Date Published: December 21, 2020
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November 11, 2020

Call to Order: 9:10am                                                  Adjourned: 9:30 am

Roll Call:                                        Commissioner Brazil – Commission Chair

                                                            Commissioner Booth

Staff Present:                                   K Wyatt, Administrative Director

                                                            B Osborne, Port Maintenance

                                                            S Lindgren, Port Maintenance

Public:                                              Mike & Geri Purvis – Hood Canal Grocery

                                                           Jann Goodpastor – Hoodsport Resident

                                                            Lori Kincannon – Hoodsport Resident

                                   Heidi McCutchen – Mason County Chamber

                                                          Lisa Perry –                                         

A Public Hearing was held to consider testimony before adopting the FINAL 2021 Port of Hoodsport Budget. 

The Public was invited to speak, H McCutchen asked why the port spent more money on the Hoodsport trail park than was budgeted and was it justified, K Wyatt explained there were hazard trees that endangered the public which were removed. H McCutchen asked what about the dock, why did you spend additional money, K Wyatt explained there were areas of the dock that were dangerous to the public and needed repair. Commissioner Booth said the dock repairs were unexpected.  H McCutchen asked if the septic repair was removed from the budget at the direction of the commissioners, Commissioner Brazil said, yes, we do not have the money in our budget.  M Purvis said you are on the right course with the budget, we need to find another plan that does not affect your budget.                                                                   

M Purvis said I am willing to take a closer look at my septic system and the ports septic.  H McCutchen said you may want to bring M4 Real estate in the loop because they are having problems with their septic system.  M Purvis said there is no possibility of that in any way, we do not provide septic solutions, you can shut that down right away.  We will help the Port in any way we can to find a way to get creative beyond the Ports income. We have to bring together ourselves and other businesses who it benefits with state grants or an entity.  What about working with grants with the Indian nation, they are really great at grants, they may be a big help and can possibly aide us in writing a grant. H McCutchen said maybe a LID Local Improvement District or increase the spread on the business community.  Commissioner Brazil said we need help locally to pay for it.  M Purvis said it was a good suggestion which can be voted on by the people, the people need to approve it.  I am eager to help with a plan to pay for it because it is not in the Port’s budget.  We will find out where the drain field can go and look at the cost of the septic system then go out to the public to see if they want to pay for it.  I am willing to pay for the plan and hire a septic designer and pay them directly.  We need to find out if the people want a LID.  Commissioner Brazil said he was willing to go talk to the right people with M Purvis to find out about the LID. 

There were no other comments or questions, and the Public Hearing was closed.

Commissioner Brazil thanked the port director for her hard work on the Ports balanced 2021 budget. 

Commissioner Booth motioned to let the record reflect that the 2021 Budget is a balanced budget, and made a motion to accept the 2021 budget as prepared.  A motion was made by Commissioner Brazil to approve the 2021 Budget Resolution 2020-05 to reflect the Beginning Balance of $111,172.00, Income Revenue amount being $110,119.00 Expenditures $110,119.00 with the expected ending balance of $111,172.00; the motion was seconded by Commissioner Booth and it was unanimously approved.

The 2021 Budget hearing was adjourned at 9:30am

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Commissioner Brazil     Commissioner Booth