2018 September 12 Minutes

Date Published: March 8, 2019
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Call to Order:
        Adjourned: 10:15am

Meeting Held at:    Port of Hoodsport 24113 N US Hwy 101 Hoodsport, WA

Roll Call:
Commissioner Petz – Commission Chair, Commissioner O’ Laughlin, Commissioner Brazil

Staff Present:
K. Wyatt, Port Operations Manager, B. Osborne – Director of Maintenance, S. Lindgren – Maintenance

Jan Morris – Hardware Distillery, Dan Nowacki – USGS via phone call

Approval of Agenda:
Commissioner O’ Laughlin made a motion to approve the agenda as written, Commissioner Brazil seconded, unanimously approved.

Commissioner O’ Laughlin made a motion to approve the Regular Port Commission minutes from August 22, 2018, Commissioner Brazil seconded, unanimously approved.

The following Vouchers/Warrants are for approved of payment: September 2018 1 o1 in the amount of $1,020.00

Public Communication:
The Port commission had a telephone conference call with Dan Nowacki, oceanographer with the USGS in Santa Cruz, CA. Dan is currently working on an oceanic study developing coastal impact models predicting future storm impacts currently being studied along the coastline in California. The USGS is now interested in putting tidal sensors in the Puget Sound area and Hood Canal as the water level data is crucial to predict future storm impacts along the west coast. Dan inquired with the Port about installing a water sensor package on the Ports dock which will capture tidal surges as well as low tide readings. The sensors need to be installed on a fixed piling and completely submerged. Commissioner Petz said every piling that is completely submerged has a float with rollers riding up and down on it. S. Lindgren said if a diver goes down deep and attaches the sensor to a piling at the very end of the dock, it would work. Commissioner Petz said to get the most information especially during winter storms; it should be as far down on the piling as possible since the dock gets a real beating during storms. Dan said the sensors will be encased in PVC piping suspended to a cable and USGS divers would come back to download and collect the data. Commissioner O’ Laughlin asked if it could be mounted to a floating buoy. Dan said it needed to remain fixed to collect the tidal surge; buoys will collect water quality data but not water level data. Commissioner Brazil asked if it collected data by water pressure and not elevation, Dan responded with a, ‘Yes’ the pressure sensors are submerged with an ultrasonic range finder that is fixed with a clear view of the water. Commissioner O’ Laughlin said the Port is more than interested in helping out with their data collection and if the Port dock will not work; there are other docks they can get permission to use. Jan Morris wanted to invite the Port commission to a Fall Dinner hosted by the Distillery and the Tides restaurant called ‘Distillery Night at The Tides’ on Friday September 21st. The dinner is $39. Per person. They are planning on collaborating hosting dinner and drinks once a month during fall and winter. Jan said she has been talking a lot to people regarding the building permit process for the public restrooms, lack of a sewer system in Hoodsport and that the business owners are not happy. They have been talking to Sharon Trask, republican candidate running for County Commissioner; she will be at the Distillery on Wednesday September 26th at 5:30pm to talk about the future of Hoodsport and her desire to help small businesses. She will also talk about how $7 million was spent on a sewer system that didn’t quite make it to Hoodsport and the Mason County building permit process, there will be complimentary cocktails. Jan also wanted to remind the port commission there is a Trivia night at the Library that is a lot of fun; the next one will be on Saturday September 29th. The port commission asked Jan to invite Sharon to the next port commission meeting on September 26th, Jan said she would.

Commissioner Reports:
Commissioner O’ Laughlin asked K. Wyatt to make a copy of the lease agreement between the Port Commission and Mike and Geri Purvis regarding the location of the current public restroom septic drain field. There will be a modification to include the reserve drain field area as the second drain field area that will be created in the spring. The Purvis’ will be reserving the right to reserve space in between the new laterals. D. Ogg took soil samples to Mason County in hopes the County will not require a treatment tank. Commissioner Brazil said he may not be at the September 26th port meeting.

Port Maintenance Reports:
Hoodsport Trail Park: B. Osborne is coordinating with the disc golf association on mutual directional signs trail signs to be placed at trail intersections at the trail park.

Hoodsport Marina, Dock & Waterfront Park: The waterfront park looks terrific.

Public Restrooms: Currently open to the public intermittently as directed by the septic system specialists and the County.

Port parking/maintenance shed: Household trash is regularly being left in all of the trash receptacles at the port restroom, waterfront park area and by the Port dumpster. S. Lindgren spoke to PUD#1 regarding replacing the old light post ballasts on two of the light posts to new LED fixtures, they will be replaced within a week. A railroad tie barrier was built by an adjacent property owner next to Port property by the maintenance shed; it appears to be over the ports property line approximately three feet. Commissioner O’ Laughlin asked K Wyatt to draft a letter to inform the property owner that existing survey stakes show the project is over the Port property line and the Port commission would appreciate the property owner removing material that is on the Ports property. The Port will give the property owner 60 days to move the material or have it removed at the property owner’s expense. B. Osborne said he would convey the message to the property owner and report at the next regular port commission meeting.

Port Operations Manager Report:
K. Wyatt wrote a letter to the Hoodsport Chapter of the Lion’s Club thanking them for donating a beautiful Gazebo for the public’s use and enjoyment at the upper trail park parking area. AAA Septic was called to remove port o pots from the public restroom area leaving 2 regular and 1 physically challenged for public use during hours and days that the public restrooms are closed. The frequency of pumping those port o pots is reduced to two times per week on Monday and Friday. The commission would like to leave the port o pot in place at the upper parking area at the Hoodsport Trail Park through October. K Wyatt read an update from Morgan Rothrock, Warden of the Hoodsport Hills disc golf course. Morgan stated things are progressing nicely on the 9 hole family friendly course. They have been working on it every other weekend and have about 2-3 holes left of hand clearing then will be pushing all the piles they have been building out of the fairways. Once done they will put in the baskets. An email was sent from PUD#1naming Kristin Masteller as the new General Manager of Mason County PUD#1, the Commission would like to send a big congratulations to Kristin as she is an outstanding person, asset to PUD#1 and our community.

Budget:     The commission reviewed the August financial statement

Old Business:    As discussed above    New Business:     None

Next Meet:      September 26, 2018 to be held at the Port of Hoodsport Office

Adjourn:     Commissioner Brazil made a motion to adjourn the Regular Port Commission meeting, Commissioner O’ Laughlin seconded, unanimously approved, meeting adjourned at 10:15 a.m.

2018 Regular Port Commission Meetings are scheduled as follows: Wednesday’s at 9a.m. September 26, October 17, November 14, December 19, January 9, 2019