2018 May 30 Minutes

Date Published: March 8, 2019
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Call to Order:
        Adjourned: 9:45am

Meeting Held at:    Port of Hoodsport 24113 N US Hwy 101 Hoodsport, WA

Roll Call:
Commissioner Petz – Commission Chair,
Commissioner O’ Laughlin, Commissioner Brazil

Staff Present:

K. Wyatt, Port Operations Manager, S. Lindgren – Maintenance,

Captain Lee Geist – Business owner

Approval of Agenda:
Commissioner O’ Laughlin made a motion to approve the agenda as written, Commissioner Brazil seconded, unanimously approved.

Commissioner Petz made a motion to approve the Regular Port Commission minutes with a couple of edits Commissioner Brazil seconded, unanimously approved.

Commissioner O’ Laughlin motioned to approve the following Vouchers for payment: June 1of1 in the amount of $1,113.11 Commissioner Brazil seconded, unanimously approved.

Public Communication:
Commissioner Petz asked Captain Lee Geist if he wanted to talk about anything, he declined.

Commissioner Reports:
Commissioner Petz said in regards to the septic drain field situation Jim Ayres was able to give a brief plan of action and was asked to give a more definitive plan. Jim responded, he has been on vacation and will write the plan this week. After an inspection of the drain field which was dry and at looking at the diverter valve receptacles which had all of the valve covers back on, Commissioner O’ Laughlin said he would like to see the restrooms open back up. Commissioner Petz is waiting for the detailed plan of action so Jim can call the County environmental health department and ask for permission to open the restrooms back up with limited hours to see if everything is in good working order. Commissioner O’ Laughlin said he received a phone call from County Commissioner Shutty who received calls from local business owners regarding the sewer system. This issue was brought up several years ago to put in a sewer system in phases and has cost business owners in Belfair to pay excessive amounts of money monthly and has put other business owners out of business. Phase II was to go through Potlatch and Phase III was to go through Hoodsport. After hearing what it cost the people in Belfair, the people in Potlatch and Hoodsport did not want to go forward with it. The new business owners were not here yet so they were not aware of the exorbitant costs.

Port Maintenance Reports:
Hoodsport Trail Park: S. Lindgren said the Gazebo that the Lion’s Club donated to the Port for its upper parking area at the Hoodsport trail park has been re assembled and they are putting a roof on it. We received the metal reflective trail park signs and with minor modification, they will be placed at trail heads using metal posts.

Hoodsport Marina, Dock & Waterfront Park: The dock repair contractors started working on the dock repair on May 21st and expect it to be completed by June 9th. S. Lindgren reported that even in a stiff north wind, there was no squeaking from the pilings. Caution tape has been put up and signs to warn the public about the dock repair.

Public Restrooms: Currently closed to the public by the County environmental health. The floor will be repainted with the textured paint before re opening the restrooms. Special tamper proof screws will be placed on the valve covers at the drain field. The game camera is up at the drain field, B. Osborne will be checking the images.

Port parking/maintenance shed: Household trash is regularly being left in all of the trash receptacles at the port restroom, waterfront park area and by the Port dumpster.

Port Operations Manager Report:

K. Wyatt said $140.00 was collected from moorage fees during the last week of shrimping.  K. Wyatt will be emailing John Wynand with WSDOT regarding a workshop in the fall when all of the business owners can attend.  K.Wyatt is expecting paperwork from Morgan regarding the business owners and insurance from Shelton Disc Golf association.  K. Wyatt received an email from Teri King with the Washington Sea Grant University of Washington to let the Port know they were starting to test shellfish again to see if they have been exposed to fecal coliform or Vibriosis, both making shellfish poisonous to consume.  The test dates are May 28th, June 17th, July 15th and August 12th.  The Port's annual Schedule 22 is finished and was submitted to the State Auditor.

Budget:     There was no financial statement to review

Old Business:     As discussed above
New Business:     

Next Meeting:      June 13, 2018 to be held at the Port of Hoodsport Office

Commissioner O’ Laughlin made a motion to adjourn the Regular Port Commission meeting, Commissioner Brazil seconded, unanimously approved, meeting adjourned at 9:45 a.m.

2018 Regular Port Commission Meetings are scheduled as follows: Wednesday’s at 9a.m. June 13, June 27, July 11, July 18, August 8, August 22