2018 December 19 Minutes

Date Published: March 8, 2019
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Call to Order:
        Adjourned: 10:35am

Meeting Held at:    Port of Hoodsport 24113 N US Hwy 101 Hoodsport, WA

Roll Call:
Commissioner Petz – Commission Chair, Commissioner O’ Laughlin, Commissioner Brazil

Staff Present:
K. Wyatt, Port Operations Manager, B. Osborne – Director of Maintenance, S. Lindgren – Maintenance

Jan Morris – Hardware Distillery Fjordn Crossin

Approval of Agenda:
Commissioner Brazil made a motion to approve the agenda as written, Commissioner O’ Laughlin seconded, unanimously approved.

Commissioner Brazil made a motion to approve the Regular Port Commission minutes from November 14, 2018, Commissioner O’ Laughlin seconded, unanimously approved.

The following Vouchers/Warrants are for approved of payment: December 1of1 in the amount of $5,989.60

Public Communication:
Jan Morris said the 3rd annual Fjordin Crossin will be held on Saturday June 29th at 1pm this year. Columbia bank will join as a Sponsor; the event and the boat with the Aquavit barrel will coordinate with the bank’s annual customer appreciation lunch. The boat carrying the barrel of Aquivit will start at the Hoodsport dock traveling across the hood canal to Tahuya. Jan expects more people to be dressed in Viking attire since the sons of Norway in Tacoma will be in attendance as a food vendor along with The Tides and Nina’s Lake Cushman Café. Commissioner Brazil asked who was on the Committee; Jan responded that it was herself and Kerry from Hood Canal events. Commissioner O’ Laughlin said it should be a good choice of days since those dates are not on the Washington Fish and Wildlife website as designated shrimping or crabbing days. Commissioner Petz said the dock is in way better shape this year and could sustain more activity. He said the Port will reserve the end slip of the dock for the Fjordin Crossin event. Jan said the Lady Alderbrook will be participating having their own onboard event bringing chartered guests across the canal to watch the festivities. Jan said last year the food vendors sold out and the event ended before 2pm. After two years, she now has interest from people in Hoodsport. Jan wanted to remind the commission about Trivia nights at the Hoodsporty Library on January 26th, February 23rd and March 23rd which will be catered by the Hardware Distillery and the Tides restaurant. The Tides and the Hardware Distillery will host a collaborated Asian Chinese New year dinner on February 1st at the Tides restaurant. Jan said the Mason County Historical society event was very successful and informative on prohibition in Hoodsport. Jan’s wanted to let the commission know her watercolor class will be having an art exhibit at the Library in March.

Commissioner Reports:
Commissioner Brazil received a text message saying that a tree was down over a trail in the Hoodsport trail park. He suggested to B. Osborne that we close the trail park during high winds and storms. S. Lindgren will remove the tree and debris from the trail. Commissioner Petz asked S. Lindgren if he has been checking the septic drain field laterals during heavy rain. S. Lindgren said he is keeping the area mowed during dry weather and did notice the same two laterals numbers 8 & 9 are filling up when it rains. B. Osborne said opening the public restrooms later and closing them early has helped deter vandalism and drug activity.

Port Maintenance Reports:
Hoodsport Trail Park: B. Osborne is coordinating with the disc golf association on mutual directional signs trail signs to be placed at trail intersections at the trail park.

Hoodsport Marina, Dock & Waterfront Park: S. Lindgren has removed debris and floated a couple of giant cottonwood tree logs away from the docks during high tides and chained them to the a stump on the beach. He said one of them that had a float attached was wedged under the dock and had to be pried out and floated to shore. Commissioner O’ Laughlin said they might have gotten loose and floated away from a WSDOT culvert close to the winery if they had floats or flags on them. He said a 14+ feet King Tide was scheduled for December 25th and asked S. Lindgren and B. Osborne to watch the dock for logs and debris particularly around those King tides.

Public Restrooms: Currently open to the public intermittently as directed by the septic system specialists and Mason County.

Port parking/maintenance shed: Household trash is regularly being left in trash receptacles at the port restroom, waterfront park area, the Hoodsport trail park and by the Port dumpster.

Port Operations Manager Report:

The Port administrator read an email from Dave Smith at Mason County Public Works asking the Port of Hoodsport to forward a list of the items the Port has discussed with WSDOT over the last six years about DOT safety improvements on Hwy 101.  He will then talk to Dennis Engel to see if they can get the ball rolling again to implement safety devices.  Dave Smith wanted to know exactly what the devices were and the locations in which they should be installed so he could discuss the implementation with WSDOT.  The Port commission lined out exactly where the blinking crosswalks should be located; one at the crosswalk in front of the Columbia bank, the second at the crosswalk at intersection of SR 119 and Hwy 101 (both should be activated to blink at the same time since they are so close) and at the crosswalk in front of the Marina dock across Hwy 101.  The radar speed feedback signs should be located at the right of the Northbound lane on Hwy 101 at the yellow Dive house where the speed limit turns to 30mph and the second radar speed feedback sign should be located at the North end of town on the Southbound side at the South end of the Sunrise Motel well before the crosswalk at the Columbia bank/Fish Hatchery.  Commissioner O' Laughlin said when legislature meets in January, he will be talking to a guy in Olympia to work on a proposal for capital funding for the replacement of the port dock.  Richard Ramsey is the contact for the process and could provide a plethora of forms needed to get started.  There are separate sources of money related projects that he could steer the port to.  Senator Tim Sheldon would sponsor the project if the port could get a good start with paperwork.  Commissioner O' Laughlin asked the port administrator to contact David Owens from the Skokomish tribe to find out who at the Skokomish Nation to talk to that would that could write a letter in support of the Port's project for federal funding. Since it would also benefit the tribe during fishing season, maybe they have ideas as to what they would like to see in a rebuild as they use the dock during their fishing season.  Commissioner Petz said what are we asking for a replacement or an elaborate design to rebuild the dock?  He also said the port is on a budget and the cost to maintain anything elaborate would have to be analyzed.  Commissioner Brazil said we need to create a dock proposal.  Commissioner O' Laughlin said first we need to get the people together to talk about what is needed.  Commissioner Petz said first we need to replace the dock, second we need a brainstorming session with the tribe as to what their needs are, and third we need to look at ideas to maintain fishing from the dock and surrounding area and we need to keep public access.  We could definitely use a letter of support from the tribe then get a grant writer and all of the agencies involved.  The Port administrator received an email from the Port of Allyn requesting the commissioner's attendance at an All Ports meeting in Allyn either on January 12th or 17th at 6pm.  They asked what dates might work best; Commissioner Brazil said he was available before January 9th or after February 3rd.  Commissioner O' Laughlin said he could attend January 8th or February 12th.  Commissioner Petz said he would be available on the 12th or 17th.  The Port administrator shared an email from Daniel Nowacki, the research oceanographer from Santa Cruz, CA regarding the Tide gauge installation.  He thanked the commission for their support and guiding them to Carlos at the Puerto de Angeles who allowed them to install the tide gauge from their dock.  He said they successfully installed the sensor, which was working well and attached a couple of photos and information about the larger project that the tide gauge would provide supporting data for.  He said to have anyone with questions feel free to call him at 831-460-7428.  Fourth quarter payroll time sheets were collected from the port commission.

Budget:     The November financial statement was reviewed

Old Business:     As discussed above    New Business:     None

Next Meeting:      January 9, 2019 to be held at the Port of Hoodsport Office

Adjourn:     Commissioner Brazil made a motion to adjourn the Regular Port Commission meeting, Commissioner O’ Laughlin seconded, unanimously approved, meeting adjourned at 10:35 a.m.

2019 Regular Port Commission Meetings are scheduled as follows: Wednesday’s at 9a.m. January 9th, February 13th, March 13th, April 17th