2018 April 25 Traffic Safety Meeting Minutes

Date Published: March 8, 2019
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April 25, 2018

Call to Order:
    Adjourned: 10:20am

Meeting Held at:    Hoodsport Timberland Library ~ Hoodsport, WA 98548

Port Attendance:
Commissioner Petz- Chair,
Commissioner Brazil, Commissioner O’ Laughlin,

K. Wyatt, Port Operations Manager, B. Osborne, Port Maintenance, S. Lindgren, Port Maintenance

Speakers:        Steve Roarke, WSDOT –PE Region Traffic Engineer

            Dennis Engel, WSDOT – PE Planning Manager

            Kevin Shutty, Mason County Commissioner

            John Huestis, Mason County P.E Deputy Director/County Engineer

            Robert Brazas, Lieutenant- Washington State Patrol

Jan Morris-Hardware Distillery, Barbara Gray, Ruth B. Hoodsport Coffee Company, Kelly Hart-Hoodsport Library, Lanette Inman and Ron

Peterson- Glen Ayre, Captain Lee Geist

Summation:    The Port of Hoodsport held a workshop on behalf of concerned citizens and business owners to address Traffic & Pedestrian Safety concerns affecting the downtown Hoodsport Hwy 101 thoroughfare. Attendees included the Port of Hoodsport Commission, County Commissioner, County Engineer, WSDOT Planning Manager, WSDOT Traffic Engineer, WA State Patrol and local community citizens and business owners.

The Port thanked WSDOT for the work they did in posting 2 hour parking signs on Hwy 101 in front of the library, trimming the bushes on the highway in front of the library to allow for parking and to make room for pedestrians. WSDOT also moved the crosswalk from in front of the Model T to in front of the Burger Stand, as promised by WSDOT in prior meetings. The Port of Hoodsport commission along with the public has been in discussion with WSDOT regarding traffic calming & pedestrian crosswalk devices since 2012. Most recently, Pedestrian & Speed concerns have been brought to the attention of the Mason County Commissioner and public works department who were contacted by a local Hoodsport business with concerns regarding traffic speed and pedestrians. Mason County then contacted WSDOT who referred them to the Port of Hoodsport commission knowing there has been discussion over recent years. The Port arranged a Forum in which representatives from the WA State Department of Transportation, Mason County, Washington State Patrol, local business owners, and the public could speak to each other and express concerns and possible solutions. The discussion revolved around pedestrian safety, the need for speed calming devices, pedestrian crosswalk devices and to develop strategies on how to calm traffic going through the Highway 101 corridor in Hoodsport.

WSDOT representative S. Roark and D. Engel listened to the Community’s concerns. They discussed the absence of traffic statistics related to the Hoodsport area, and spoke about studies done on roadways in comparison with other towns that have similar traffic patterns. They said the way to slow people down is to change the character of the area with traffic calming devices, narrower lanes, round a bouts, new trees, etc. However, once people are used to the changes, they typically go back to the way they usually drive.

They asked the Port, public and business owners to think about what a long term vision of the town would look and said they would be willing to help start creating a plan to find the right solutions that could be submitted with requests for public funds. They offered to do a traffic speed study, donate money and resources toward a transportation plan and hold a four hour workshop to help the community develop a short downtown area plan that would advocate pedestrians, traffic safety and ultimately change the context of the Hwy 101 downtown area which could change driver behavior. Lieutenant Brazas with the WA State Patrol pulled up data from 2017 between mile posts 327- 335 on Hwy 101 going through Hoodsport. He said there were over 130 stops, 3 commercial vehicle inspections, 50 calls for service (several people in the ditch) , 5 non serious crashes, no fatalities and no DUI’s. The traffic safety commission funded some of the 13 traffic emphasis sessions and found the problem here is speed; they also encountered 21 aggressive drivers. He said there are 9 troopers and 1 motorcycle that cover 7 counties and go where the collision data shows to go.

County Commissioner Shutty thanked everyone for being in attendance and reminded everyone there is a Transportation Improvement Program Citizens Advisory Committee TIP-CAP who meets every month to discuss different roadways in Mason County. He invited everyone to the evening meeting, in which one was to be held at the Hoodsport library that evening. He also said there was one opening on the committee and invited everyone to think about filling the position which could represent the Hoodsport area. John Huestis, PE Deputy Director, County Engineer was receptive to taking the time with his experience and expertise to help the community in discussion and with writing a transportation plan.

Everyone agreed they wanted crosswalks to be safer, for drivers to be more aware and to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks; they agreed there was a need to change driver behavior with a conscious reduction of speed through the highway 101 corridor in Hoodsport.

The conclusion was a consensual decision between WA State Department of Transportation, Mason County, the Public and the Port of Hoodsport to:

  1. Hold a 4 hour workshop to look at the context for the Hoodsport area vision
  2. Traffic speed study
  3. Develop a Transportation Plan

From past meetings, it was understood that the Port of Hoodsport would partner with WSDOT in the cost of devices and installation. In 2017 a joint grant application was submitted and denied. It appears WSDOT does not have funds for traffic safety devices, the Port would now solely be responsible for covering the cost of the radar speed feedback signs and crosswalk beacons; WSDOT will pay for the installation of and labor to install the crosswalks and driver feedback signs.

Adjourn: Commissioner O’Laughlin made a motion to adjourn the Traffic, Speed & Pedestrian Safety workshop, Commissioner Brazil seconded, unanimously approved, meeting adjourned at 10:20a.m.