Hoodsport Trail Park & Disc Golf Park

The Hoodsport Community Trail Park offers a peaceful respite where unique wildlife nesting and habitat areas fill the park’s wooded trails. This quiet park is situated on Highway 119 about 3.1 miles west of Hoodsport, a quaint town located on US Highway 101, along the Hood Canal in Mason County, Washington.

Park Features:
• Picnic Table
• Restroom
• Hoodsport Library Story Trail
• Dow Creek and Old Growth Trees
9 Hole Disc Golf Course (West side of Hwy 119)

Large trees characterize this forested park which was clear cut in the early 1900’s. In 2011 and 2012, the forest was significantly thinned due to root rot infecting the Douglas Fir trees. The forest has been partially replanted and is transforming into a more complex ecosystem. A dense canopy of broadleaf and evergreen trees along with a lush undergrowth of shrubs and herbaceous plants provide an excellent area for nature study and outdoor education.

Half Mile Lower Loop Trail

The one-half mile Lower Loop trail weaves across Dow Creek. The trail is cool and shaded and the gentle grade allows hikers and people of all abilities to enjoy the scenic forest. This trail also contains the Hoodsport Library Story Trail. A fun and engaging way for families to combine a love of nature and a love of reading.

1.5 Mile Upper Loop Trail

The Upper Loop trail is warmer due to a nearby clearcut and recent thinning. This one-and-a-half-mile long trail features some uphill walking and switchbacks. The trail includes a section that wanders up and around a huge, beautiful big leaf maple tree. 

Disc Golf Course

On the opposite side of Hwy 119, there is a family friendly 9-hole Disc Golf Course. The course has concrete pads with basket targets and is moderately hilly and heavily wooded. There is plenty of parking and a restroom and picnic table.

Hoodsport Trail Park Map