Fjordin Crossin 2019

Date Published: March 8, 2019

Press Release: Fjordin Crossin 2019


    The 3rd annual Fjordin Crossin will be held at the dock in Hoodsport on Saturday, June 29.

12:00 noon:

  • On-site registration for Paddle the Canal begins.
  • The Lady Alderbrook departs from the dock at the Alderbrook Resort.
  • Food vendors at the Hoodsport dock are open. Local oysters and Scandinavian specialties are on the menu.
  • The barrel of Aquavit departs


1:00 pm:

  • At the Hoodsport dock, the barrel of Aquavit on the Twanoh will set sail.
  • Paddle the Canal participants follow the Twanoh.
  • Those on board the Lady Alderbrook toast the festivities.


2:00 pm (approximately):

  • The Twanoh returns to the Hoodsport dock.
  • Paddle the Canal participants return to the dock.
  • Awards ceremony and prizes for Paddle the Canal.


2:30 – 5:00 pm

  • Post-party in Hoodsport.
  • Bottling Aquavit at the distillery.
  • Cooking demos at Olympic Stove & Spa.
  • Shopping at all of the local gift shops.



Fjordin Crossin celebrates one of the great traditions of Aquavit, which is an old world Scandinavian spirit.


On June 29, the Hardware Distillery will launch a barrel of aged Dill Aquavit on Lee Geist’s boat, the Twanoh. It will cross the Hood Canal from the Port of Hoodsport to Tahuya and back. Entrance to watch the event and enjoy the festivities is free.


To celebrate the launch, Paddle the Canal will follow the Twanoh in canoes, kayaks, SUPs and small sailboats. It is open to everyone, and is not a race, but there will be prizes and special competitions.


The cost of the paddle is $29 per person.
Pre-registration for Paddle the Canal is at


If a lovely boat ride to view the launch of the Twanoh and the start of Paddle the Canal is preferred, the stately Lady Alderbrook will depart the Alderbrook Resort, and sail to the Port of Hoodsport. Hardware Distillery’s Aquavit will be served to toast and cheer the launch.


Pre-registration for the Lady Alderbrook is through the Alderbrook Resort.


    General questions about Fjordin Crossin may be directed to Jan Morris at