2023 may 13 hoodsport trail park volunteer work party

Date Published: April 22, 2023
Port of Hoodsport Letterhead

Hoodsport Trail Park – Volunteer Work Party

When:           Saturday, May 13, 2023, from 10 am – 2 pm (Rain or Shine)

Who:             Volunteers 18 yrs. of age and older who want to help clean up the trail

What:            Trail Park clean up and grooming of soft surface trail

Where:          Hoodsport Trail Park – Hwy 119, about 3.1 miles west of Hoodsport

Scope of Work:

  • Clear and groom trails – Entails trimming branches and removing debris from the current trails.

Tools to bring:  Hand saws, rakes, pruning shears and loppers.

  • Hauling & Spreading Bark – Entails moving bark from piles and spreading it in designated areas.

Tools to bring:  Wheelbarrows, rakes, and garden hoe or shovels.

  • Staking up small trees – Entails tying small trees to long stakes to encourage them to grow strong and straight.

Tools to bring:  Sledgehammer or mallets to pound in stakes.

Volunteers need to pre-register and sign a liability waiver prior to participating in the event. Visit our website at www.portofhoodsport.us for more information. Volunteers are encouraged to wear appropriate clothing and shoes for the uneven terrain and to bring work gloves.

The Port of Hoodsport will provide extra work gloves, eye protection, trail park maps, bottled water and snacks along with the supplies needed to complete the tasks including the Volunteer sign up sheet and Volunteer Waiver.