Date Published: February 22, 2023


November 9, 2022

Call to Order: 9:04am                                              Adjourned: 9:18 am

Roll Call:     Commissioner Kincannon– Commission Chair, Commissioner Brazil – 2nd Commission Chair, Trustee

Commissioner Morris  

Staff Present:                        K Wyatt, Port Director, S Lindgren, Port Maintenance

Public:                                    Kirk Boxleightner, Mason County Journal               

A Public Hearing was held to consider testimony before adopting the FINAL 2023 Budget for the Port of Hoodsport. 

The Public was invited to speak, there was no public comment.

The Port Director stated that the Port of Hoodsport’s district property tax levy rate has steadily decreased over the past years, the 2020 Ports Levy rate was .21cents per $1000.00 of the assessed value of property within its district, in 2021 it decreased to .19cents per $1000.00 of property taxes.  The dollar amount of the increase over the 2022 levy for the Port of Hoodsport and 2023 budget is $1,617.00, an increase of 1.01% from the previous year.

Commissioner Kincannon made a motion proposing an increase for the Port Directors contracted salary by $5,000.00 annually. She thanked the Port Director for her hard work without staff and 12 years of dedicated service to the Port of Hoodsport.  Commissioner Brazil also thanked the director and seconded the motion, all were in favor, the motion carried.   Commissioner Kincannon made a motion to transfer $40,000.00 from the Port of Hoodsport’s investment account into the general account specifically to cover expenditures in 2023 for maintenance and improvements at the 80 Acre Hoodsport Trail Park & Disc Golf course.  The revenue was generated from hazard tree removal at the Hoodsport Trail Park and slated for the purpose of maintaining and improving the 80-acre Hoodsport Trail Park as stipulated by the deed transfer from WA State Department of State Parks.

There were no public comments, the public comment portion of the hearing was closed.

Commissioners Kincannon, Brazil and Morris thanked the Port Director for the detailed work on the Port’s 2023 balanced budget. 

Commissioner Kincannon motioned to let the record reflect that the 2023 Budget is a balanced budget and made a motion to accept the 2023 budget as prepared and to adopt the 2023 Budget Resolution #2022-03 to reflect the Beginning Balance of $101,737.00, Income Revenue amount of $156,726.00, Expenditures of $156,726.00 with the projected ending balance in 2023 of $101,737.00; the motion was seconded by Commissioner Morris, all were in favor, unanimously approved.

The 2023 Budget hearing was adjourned at 9:18 am

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Commissioner Kincannon      Commissioner Brazil         Commissioner Morris