2016 July 27 Minutes

Date Published: September 10, 2016


Call to Order:
                Adjourned: 10:15am

Meeting Held at:    Hoodsport Port Commission Office 24113 N US Hwy 101 #A Hoodsport, WA

Roll Call:     Commissioner O’ Laughlin – Commission Chair

Commissioner Brazil

    Commissioner Petz

Staff Present:     K. Wyatt, Port Operations Manager

                B. Osborne, Director of Maintenance

Public:         Liz Maier – Environmental Public Health Wa State Dept. of Health

Approval of Agenda:
Commissioner Petz made a motion to approve the July 27, 2016 meeting agenda, Commissioner Brazil seconded, unanimously approved.

Commissioner Brazil made a motion to approve the Regular Port Commission minutes of July 13, 2016; Commissioner Petz seconded, unanimously approved.

Commissioner Petz motioned to approve the following Vouchers for payment July 2of2 totaling $266.00; Commissioner Brazil seconded, unanimously approved.

Public Communication:
Liz Maier from the WA State Public Health’s shellfish program spoke to the Commission regarding a shoreline evaluation that is being done by Mason County to identify where pollution is entering the shoreline. She said someone reported people harvesting shellfish on the Port of Hoodsport’s beach and the beach is classified as a ‘hot spot’ and shellfish harvesting is prohibited. No one got sick but they wanted the Port to post pollution warning signs and make sure the Port was aware of the pollution entering the shoreline from areas in town. Commissioner O’ Laughlin asked if recent samples had been taken at the Port beach, Liz said, no. Liz said active samples determined Finch Creek to be a current ‘hot spot’ and the beach was closed by the department of fisheries. Commissioner Petz and O’Laughlin concurred that this time of year is a bad time to harvest because the oysters are spawning and the entire canal has a naturally occurring bacteria and is under a Vibrio advisory. Commissioner Petz grows and harvests oysters and has a local person test the oysters four times per year. The Port Commission asked Liz if the Port funded a test on oysters at the Ports beach with results below the threshold of pollution considered to be dangerous to peoples health, would that be considered okay for the Public to harvest on the Ports beach. Liz said they would consider it but for the time being their shoreline survey showed Finch creek to be the hot spot with no new sources and for now they are advising the Public to avoid harvesting shellfish in the Hoodsport area. Options to harvest shellfish are the Potlatch state park, North of Hoodsport and Lilliwaup. Liz brought signs for the Port to post at the entryways to the beach that say the beach is closed for shellfish harvesting in different languages and has a phone number for Mason County Health department in case anyone has questions. Liz gave the Port commissioners information on shellfish safety.

Commissioner Reports:
Commissioner Brazil did some comparison shopping & research on surveillance systems and determined there were hard wired systems and wireless systems that required a battery backup which over time could frequently go through expensive batteries. He said the wireless system could use cloud storage that would have to be purchased to store the footage that could be downloaded to a computer. The hardwired system did not require batteries only a 110 Volt outlet and had 100′ cords to each location and could be accessed remotely. There was no Zoom feature but it used a DVR that could be set to record 24/48/72 hour increments of time with an external storage system. The range of sight was 100′ in the daytime and 30′ infrared at night. Commissioner O’ Laughlin will be talking to a technician to determine what it takes for the installation of a hard wired system. This will be discussed at the next regular port commission meeting with the recommendations of the technician so the system can be purchased and installed. Commissioner Petz will ask the shellfish tester if they would be willing to test the shellfish at the Port’s beach.

Port Maintenance Reports:

Hoodsport Marina, Dock & Waterfront Park: B. Osborne will be checking into the irrigation system at the waterfront park as the water bill has been extremely high. C. Treadwell will be mowing the lawn along the waterfront park. The Hoodsport fire chief said the department tested the fire line using 160 PSI and indicated one of the valves would not turn. B. Osborne will check into the valve.

Public Restrooms: Restrooms remain super busy, bathrooms will be pressure washed once per week and checked twice daily on the weekends for needed supplies. The public has been complaining that the floors have been extremely wet at times and toilet paper piled on the floor and in the toilets, the maintenance crew is called to mop, clean out toilets and replenish toilet paper frequently. Graffiti on the walls has been spray painted over. The exhaust fan in the men’s bathroom will be replaced.

Hoodsport Trail Park: C. Treadwell is working on clearing trails. Commissioner O’ Laughlin said he would take his chain saw and cut out fallen trees over the upper trail. Disc golfers are still working on the disc golf baskets and trails.

Port Operations Manager Report: K. Wyatt and Commissioner Petz are working on information for the RCO Grant application to write a grant for public funding to purchase a vault toilet at the current disc golf course upper parking area and to make a destination ADA compliant disc golf course on the 20 acre side of the Hoodsport Trail Park. K. Wyatt submitted the Port logo to PUD#1 for a sign they will create to show a partnership between PUD#1, the Port of Hoodsport and IGA providing renewable energy in the form of electricity at the wall mounted EV Car Charging station that will be located on the side of the public restroom for electric cars. The EV Car Charging station has been ordered, the service contract has been signed and the annual service charge check has been requested. The unit will be mounted as soon as it arrives. Someone approached K. Wyatt to let the Port know that the street lights along the waterfront, marina dock and parking areas were very dim at night. K. Wyatt requested that PUD#1 replace the light bulbs, they will be replaced with LED lights that will be more efficient and brighter. The Vault toilet at the Hoodsport trail park which was existing when the Park was deeded the Port was pumped and deemed satisfactory by the septic company.

Budget:     The Port of Hoodsport June 2016 Financial statement was reviewed at the July 13th regular port commission meeting.

Old Business:     As discussed above

New Business:     None

Next Meet:     Regular Port Commission meeting Wednesday August 10, 2016 at 9am

Adjourn:         Commissioner Petz made a motion to adjourn the Regular Port Commission meeting, Commissioner Brazil seconded, unanimously approved, meeting adjourned at 10:15am

2016 Regular Port Commission Meetings are scheduled as follows: Wednesday’s at 9a.m. August 10, August 24, September 21, October 12