2008, 01 09

Date Published: July 21, 2012

minutes from the regular meeting

of the Port of Hoodsport Commission

January 9, 2008


Call to order:  9:46 a.m.                                                      Adjourned: 10:35 a.m.


Roll Call:        Commissioner Frank Benavente

Commissioner Jack Hamlin

Commissioner Tom Young is excused

                        Cindy Adams, Administrative Assistant


Introduction of Guests: 

No Guest Present

Key discussion points were:


Approval of Minutes

Commissioner Benavente made a motion to “Approve the minutes from the regular meeting held on December 12, 2007 as presented.” The motion was approved unanimously.


Approval of Vouchers

Commissioner Benavente made a motion to “Approve voucher number 1-2 as presented on the voucher cover sheet dated 1/09/08 for a total of $2,524.47 and quarterly Commission payroll voucher for a total of $4,050.00.  The motion was approved unanimously.


Agenda Changes

Move the following items to the next business meeting agenda:

Finalization of the 2008 Commissioners’ Responsibilities

Delegated Authority – Approval

Emergency Services

Public Development Authority


Open Items



Action Items


Commissioner Benavente stated that he has picked up the approved Shoreline Permit from Mason County.  The permit will need to be posted once construction begins.

Commissioner Benavente asked Cindy Adams to draft a letter to the State Parks and Recreation Commission requesting additional grant money to complete the project.   Once the additional grant money is approved the equipment can be ordered.

Dock Repair


No update at this time.


Business Credit Card


Cindy Adams presented the completed credit card application to the Commission along with the credit card specifics.


Commissioner Benavente made the motion to approve the credit card application as presented and to authorize the Commission Chair to sign.  The motion was approved unanimously.


Discussion Items

Derelict Vessel


Commissioner Benavente gave an update on the derelict vessel that has been tied to the Port’s dock for over a month.  The owner of the vessel was sent a certificate letter which was signed for on December 12th.


The letter states the following:

In accordance with RCW 79.100.010 the failure to remove your Vessel could result in the Port of Hoodsport, acting as an authorized public entity with the authority granted in the RCW, taking custody of the Vessel.


Once we take custody of the Vessel, we are authorized to use or dispose of it in any appropriate and environmental sound manner without further notice to the owner, and the owner may be liable for all cost, but not limited to, cost incurred exercising the authority granted in RCW 79.100.030, all administrative cost incurred by the authorized  public entity during the procedure set forth in RCW79.100.040, removal and disposal costs,  and cost associated with damages directly or indirectly caused by the Vessel.


The owner of the vessel has contacted the Port on three separate occasions by leaving a message.  The most resent message indicated that he needs to have someone come in and dive down to install another buoy for the vessel.  He stated that he had lost the original buoy in the resent storm.

Commissioner Benavente would like Commissioner Hamlin to take over the process of the derelict vessel removal.  It was suggested that the Port’s attorney be contacted to seek any legal council that may be necessary.  There are also issues of storing the boat if it is removed.  It may be a possibility that the Sheriff’s Office could assist in removal.  Commissioner Hamlin will be checking in to all these issues.


Individual Commissioners’ Reports

Commissioner Hamlin will be working on the derelict vessel issue.


Commissioner Benavente stated he will be attending the following upcoming meetings:

EDC Board Meeting and RTPO on the 10th

Parks meeting on the 15th

EDC Luncheon on the 11th

WRIA last week


Commissioner Benavente has received confirmation from the consulting firm Northern Economics, Inc. that they will be attending the January 23rd meeting to discuss the Port’s Master Plan.



There has been $10.00 in moorage fees since the last meeting.


The following miscellaneous correspondence was received:

Port of Vancouver Correspondence

Law Seminars International –

Real Estate Purchases & Sales

Marine Shoreline Development & Permitting

Land Use in Southwester Washington

Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office 2008 Grants Workshop

Mason County Auditor – Statement of Special Purpose District

Public Disclosure Commission

Washington Governmental Entity Pool – Liability Exposure Questionnaire


Agenda for the January 23, 2008 meeting

Open Items:



Action Items:

2008 Delegated Authority Approval

Finalization Commissioner Responsibilities – 2008


Dock Repair

Discussion Items:

Derelict Vessels

Emergency Services

Public Development Authority

Individual Commissioner Reports



Executive Session

No executive session was needed.


The regular meeting was adjourned at 10:35 a.m.




Thomas Young, Chairman Frank Benavente, Commissioner            Jack Hamlin, Commissioner