September 9, 2015 Minutes

Date Published: February 23, 2016


September 9, 2015

Call to Order:
                Adjourned: 10:20am

Meeting Held at:    Hoodsport Port Commission Office 24113 N US Hwy 101 #A Hoodsport, WA

Roll Call:     Commissioner Brazil – Commission chair

Commissioner O’ Laughlin

    Commissioner Petz

Staff Present:     K. Wyatt, Port Operations Manager

                B. Osborne, Director of Maintenance

Public:         Saundra & Gordon Carscaden – Lake Cushman Residents

Approval of Agenda:
Commissioner O’ Laughlin made a motion to approve the September 9, 2015 meeting agenda, Commissioner Petz seconded, unanimously approved.

Commissioner O’ Laughlin made a motion to approve the regular port commission minutes of August 19, 2015. Commissioner Petz seconded, unanimously approved.

Commissioner O’ Laughlin mad a motion to approve the following Vouchers for payment. September 2015 1 of 1 totaling $8,637.50

Public Communication:
Saundra & Gordon are part time Lake Cushman residents and local volunteers at the Hoodsport Trail Park; Saundra gave an update on the work they have been doing. The Upper loop trail is cleared and temporary signs are posted throughout the trail. The trail map has been temporarily placed in a plastic folder and tacked to the information sign at the trail head entrance. An additional $23.10 for wood stakes was purchased with the total spent on supplies now at $63.70. Saundra and Gordy had concerns about continued trail maintenance with the berry vines continuing to grow over the trails; she also said there was debris left on the trails by the disc golf clean up crew. Commissioner Brazil said this warm weather was conducive to incredible growth spurts of the vines this year and it was impossible to keep up with them. He suggested posting a Volunteer request sheet at the trail head with anyone interested to call or email the Port office where a Volunteer list will be kept with a spring clean up in mind. The Prison crew will be requested to work on the trails at that time also. Saundra and Gordy thought there were too many trails making it confusing for hikers. Commissioner O’ Laughlin suggested letting some of the trails grow over once the Disc Golf course takes shape to define existing trails. Saundra and Gordy also said the trail on the Golf course side of the Hoodsport Trail Park did not make sense and suggested letting it grow over since the trail dead ended and was so close to the highway and residents back yards. Commissioner Brazil said he went to hike at the trail park one evening and witnessed two girls in a pickup with the Ports metal picnic table in the back of their truck. He asked what they were doing and they said moving it to their campground, he told them to put the picnic table back on the ground which they did. All of the Commissioners thanked Saundra and Gordy for their hard work and concern for the trail park, they are appreciated!

Commissioner Reports:
Commissioner O’ Laughlin announced B. Osborne was the newest member of the Hoodsport Kiwanis. He said the Kiwanis will not be hosting the annual ‘Spring Fling’ fundraiser in 2016 due to an enormous amount of work for the volunteers and instead they want to sponsor the first of many Disc Golf Tournaments at the Hoodsport Trail Park to raise money for school children. The Kiwanis supports and pays for all school supplies for all 400 kids at the Hood Canal School. He reminded the commission that there were many homeless children going to school.

Port Maintenance Reports:

Hoodsport Marina, Dock & Waterfront Park: B. Osborne reported that a boat sunk at the end of the dock, the people left lots of ‘stuff’ on the dock while some of the other boats that were around flipped the boat back over. Public Restrooms: Using a LOT of toilet paper!Hoodsport Trail Park: B. Osborne will start building the driveway barriers with enough room for someone to pull off the street to be able to safely access the chain to enter on both sides of State Rt 119 at the Hoodsport trail park, someone did donuts on the freshly compacted gravel. B. Osborne will be securing the picnic table that was almost taken and the surveillance camera. B. Osborne said it was awesome working with Saundra and Gordon at the trail park.Port Operations Manager Report: K. Wyatt is in discussion with Morgan Rothrock, President of the Shelton Disc Golf Association on verbiage and size of a temporary sign to be erected at the new entrance at the Hoodsport Trail Park to let the public know it is the future home of a championship disc golf course. K. Wyatt will be working on the Fall newsletter that is distributed with the Lake Cushman newsletter, posted on the website and various places in town. The minutes will be written for the Traffic Safety meeting that was held Tuesday September 8th at 6pm. Commissioner O’ Laughlin suggested writing a thank you letter to Steve Kim with a cc to County Commissioner Tim Sheldon. The dock repair will start to encase the existing boat slips and main walkway to alleviate floats disappearing and sinking of the main walkway during this winter’s storms. Commissioner O’ Laughlin is ordering hangars for the connection between the solid and sloping plank of the dock to be installed at the time of the repair. Commissioner O’ Laughlin requested more detail on item #1 of the proposal and moved to tentatively approve the Proposal of $5,967.00 for repairs and immediate attention Commissioner Petz seconded the motion, it was unanimously approved. The Port received its 2016 Insurance binder for all of the Ports assets, copies were given to the commission. Commissioner’s timesheets were requested and filled out for the 3rd quarter of 2015. A year to date overview of expenses compared to the 2015 budget was reviewed to ensure the Port is operating within its current budget. The Small Ports seminar is being held in Leavenworth in October of 2015, Port financing is the focus and Commissioner Brazil will be attending this year. The Port’s phone will be forwarded to B. Osborne for 2 weeks in October.

Budget: Port of Hoodsport August 2015 Financial statement was not yet available to review

Old Business: It has been determined that Disc Golf is permitted within the guidelines and parameters of the WA State Parks Program of Utilization designed for the Hoodsport Trail Park as part of what is regarded as the highest & best use for public enjoyment at the Hoodsport Trail Park. Disc Golf is a popular sport with low impact on the environment would not impact current usage of the trail park and will create additional hiking opportunities. This sport will bring tourism, local jobs and revenue to the Hoodsport area.

New Business: None

Next Meet: Next Regular Port Commission meeting is Wednesday October 7, 2015 at 9am.

Adjourn: Commissioner Brazil made a motion to adjourn the Regular Port meeting, Commissioner Petz seconded, unanimously approved, meeting adjourned at 10:20 am.

2015 Regular Port Commission Meetings are scheduled as follows: Wednesday’s at 9a.m. October 7, November 11, December 16

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Commissioner O’ Laughlin Commissioner Petz Commissioner Brazil