June 17, 2015

Date Published: August 25, 2015


June 17, 2015

Call to Order:
                Adjourned: 9:55am

Meeting Held at:    Hoodsport Port Commission Office 24113 N US Hwy 101 #A Hoodsport, WA

Roll Call:     Commissioner Brazil – Commission chair

Commissioner O’Laughlin – Excused Absence

    Commissioner Petz

Staff Present:     K. Wyatt, Port Operations Manager

                B. Osborne, Director of Maintenance

Public:         Ruth – Hoodsport Coffee Company

Approval of Agenda:
Commissioner Petz made a motion to approve the 6-17-15 meeting agenda, Commissioner Brazil seconded, unanimously approved.

Commissioner Petz made a motion to approve the regular port commission minutes of June 10, 2015. Commissioner Brazil seconded, unanimously approved.


Public Communication:
Ruth Beavan, owner of the Hoodsport Coffee Company asked the Port Commissioners if; under their Port capacity, the Port could buy property in downtown Hoodsport for public parking. Commissioner Brazil said the Port has explored every possible property option that has come available and because of cost constraints due to different property factors; the Port was so far unable to purchase commercial property for additional public parking. Ruth also expressed concern for lack of cooperation to form an events committee and business association, Commissioner Brazil explained there have been both committees and associations in the past which have since disbanded. He suggested the new business owners in town form new committees and associations; he also stated that it was not within the parameters of the Ports charter to hold events or to form committees. Commissioner Brazil went on to say the Port of Hoodsport operates on a very limited budget and that the majority of the budget goes in to maintaining the Ports existing properties and public amenities. The Port does not charge the public for use of the Port beach, the waterfront park at the marina, the 80 acre Hoodsport trail park or the public restrooms in town, and the public marina and slips are free to the public (except overnight moorage at $10. which only creates about $300. annually in revenue).

Commissioner Reports:


Port Maintenance Reports:

Hoodsport Marina & Waterfront Park: B. Osborne recommended ordering a kit to repair the plate at the bottom of the fluctuating ramp at the marina dock instead of having a new metal plate made. K. Wyatt will order the kit. He stated there are metal support hooks wearing at the top of that ramp and suggested having someone look at them. B. Osborne suggested having the dock reinforced and to start the repair plan in phases to prolong the life of the existing dock. B. Osborne pointed out that there is a sunken boat under the middle of the dock. Commissioner Brazil suggested talking to local divers to see if they can pull the boat out from under the dock and possibly use it for fish habitat or have the derelict vessel people remove it.

Public Restrooms: B. Osborne reported the toilet paper is completely empty almost every day; there has been some graffiti on the walls. K. Wyatt will schedule the annual pump out at the Public restroom septic tank.

Hoodsport Trail Park: B. Osborne is pricing Bollards to be installed at the entrance of the new parking area. A surveillance camera and signs will be posted at the trail park.

Port Operations Manager Report:

K. Wyatt spoke to A. Sporseen at WSDOT; permits have been signed for additional access into the Hoodsport trail park. A pre conference meeting will be scheduled prior to starting work. A copy of Resolution R15-01 adopted in the Public Hearing was sent to the Shelton Chamber and distributed to their media contacts in an effort to let the public know there will be no public fireworks display in Hoodsport this year due to the Hoodsport Community Events Association’s decision to CANCEL the fireworks display. The Resolution to prohibit the general public from discharging fireworks on Port property is to protect the general public and port property as there will be no one to monitor the public in case of injury and to minimize exposure to fire danger during an extreme drought year. The Port of Hoodsport may grant permission to discharge fireworks on Port of Hoodsport property and would be in support of future community events providing all safety measures and permitting are in place. ‘No Fireworks’ signs have been ordered and will be placed on the Port of Hoodsport property around the waterfront park and on the Port Marina & dock. A ‘Summer’ newsletter was written by the Port, it is posted on the Port website, at the Port office, at the library, it will be sent out via email to Lake Cushman residents and will be printed for local distribution. K. Wyatt asked the Commissioners if they were interested in erecting an American Flag on Port property at the waterfront park, the Commissioners were in support of the idea and asked that prices be looked in to. Flag etiquette was discussed and it was determined there is a light post that would keep it lit at night and that in inclement weather it can be taken down.

Budget: Review of Port of Hoodsport Financial Statement for May was done at the June 10th meeting.

Old Business:

It has been determined that Disc Golf is permitted within the guidelines and parameters of the WA State Parks Program of Utilization designed for the Hoodsport Trail Park as part of what is regarded as the highest & best use for enjoyment at the Hoodsport Trail Park. Disc Golf is a popular sport with low impact on the environment and would not impact current usage of the trail park and will create additional hiking opportunities. This sport will bring tourism, local jobs and revenue to the Hoodsport area.

New Business: None

Next Meetings: Next Regular Port Commission meeting is Wednesday July 8, 2015 at 9am.

Adjourn: Commissioner Brazil made a motion to adjourn the Regular Port meeting, Commissioner Petz seconded, unanimously approved, meeting adjourned at 9:55 am.

2015 Regular Port Commission Meetings are scheduled as follows:

Wednesdays at 9a.m. July 8, July 16(THURSDAY), August 12, August 19

Minutes Approved: June 10, 2015

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Commissioner O’Laughlin Commissioner Petz Commissioner Brazil