July 26, 2017 Minutes

Date Published: November 27, 2017



Call to Order: 9:00am                 Adjourned: 10:05am

Meeting Held at:    Hoodsport Port Commission Office 24113 N US Hwy 101 #A Hoodsport, WA

Roll Call:     Commissioner O’ Laughlin – Commission Chair

Commissioner Brazil

    Commissioner Petz

Staff Present:     K. Wyatt, Port Operations Manager

                B. Osborne – Maintenance Director

Public:         Nick Hagen – Hood Canal Church Wood Ministries

Approval of Agenda: Commissioner Petz made a motion to approve the July 26, 2017 meeting agenda, Commissioner Brazil seconded, unanimously approved.

Minutes: Commissioner Petz made a motion to approve the Regular Port Commission minutes of July 12, 2017; Commissioner Brazil seconded, unanimously approved.

Vouchers: Commissioner Petz motioned to approve the following Vouchers for payment July 2017 3of3 in the amount of $4,329.90; Commissioner Brazil seconded, unanimously approved.

Public Communication: Nick Hagen with the Hood Canal Church Wood Ministries spoke to the Commission regarding cutting logs that have blown down on the 20 acre side of the Hoodsport Trail Park to provide wood in the winter for families in need. Commissioner Brazil said he was hesitant to allow it because he has had to discourage random citizens without permission from cutting trees down in the Hoodsport Trail Park. Commissioner O’Laughlin said he wouldn’t be opposed if Nick set up a work party, Nick said he worked alone and does not have a work party. Commissioner Brazil suggested Nick speak to Randy with the Lake Cushman maintenance company since they cut down several trees around the golf course and may have some extra trees he may use for his wood ministry. Commissioner O’Laughlin asked B. Osborne if he walked the 20 acre side lately to identify trees that may pose a dangerous situation. B. Osborne has walked the 20 acres and there are downed trees that could easily be removed. K. Wyatt spoke to the Ports insurance company and they are sending waiver language for this type of activity as long as the Commission gives permission to specific responsible people. Commissioner O’ Laughlin said he wouldn’t be opposed to allowing Nick to go in and cut wood after signing a waiver and given a permission slip he must keep on his person while cutting wood on Port property. K. Wyatt will have the insurance company approve a release agreement for Nick to sign. K. Wyatt will also speak to the fire department for rules around using chain saws in high fire danger situations.

Commissioner Reports: Commissioner Brazil said someone asked why the Port closed the beach to shellfish harvesting, he said the County health department closed it and they were welcome to call them for clarification. Commissioner Brazil motioned to make Commissioner Petz the Commission Chair for future port commission meetings in 2017, Commissioner O’ Laughlin seconded, it was unanimously approved.

Port Maintenance Reports:

Hoodsport Marina, Dock & Waterfront Park: Washington State Ecology department installed a monofilament recycle bin at the port dock so people can properly dispose of fishing line. The fishing line is retrieved by them and then recycled into plastic tackle boxes, kayaks and many other useful items.

Port parking/maintenance shed: Household trash is regularly being left by the Port dumpster.

Public Restrooms: A nine inch steel toilet paper holder was installed with extra locking mechanisms to deter toilet paper thieves. If it works out, another one will be installed in the women’s restroom. Maintenance is inspecting the restrooms every two hours Friday through Monday and every three hours on all other days as the summertime crowd is bigger than ever and the bathroom usage and trash dumping is unbelievable. Some people passing through town left graffiti on the bathroom walls which inspired locals to re claim the wall with their own graffiti which has since been painted over. Commissioner O’Laughlin will be talking to WSDOT regarding some kind of assistance with the public restrooms during the summer since WSDOT has restrooms every 40 miles along Interstate 5 and NO restrooms on Highway 101.

Hoodsport Trail Park: B. Osborne will be painting the outhouse at the trail park this month.

A Volunteer from the Community College worked with B. Osborne at the Hoodsport trail park clearing vines, debris, painting abutments and cleaning up the parking area for course credits. B. Osborne hired another maintenance contractor to work at the public restrooms, Dock, Waterfront Park and Hoodsport Trail Park.

Port Operations Manager Report:

Commissioner Petz, as the point of contact in regards to the dock repair met with the insurance adjuster and discussed the scope of work that needs to be done including the material particulars. Commissioner Petz has a few more questions for the contractor before approving the proposal.

K. Wyatt printed the results from the Traffic Safety grant application that was submitted jointly by the port of Hoodsport and WSDOT for the purchase and installation of radar speed feedback signs and flashing beacon crosswalk signs. The Port and WSDOT were unfortunately denied grant funding for this project. K. Wyatt has a call into Steve Kim the PE Region Traffic Engineer to find out what steps to take. In the meantime, Commissioner O’ Laughlin will be contacting Senator Tim Sheldon who is on the Traffic Safety board to discuss what options there may be. K. Wyatt discussed the fireworks show that was conducted on Port property without the Ports permission with the Ports insurance company to know what should be done in 2018 to protect the Port from liability. The Insurance Company suggested posting ‘No Fireworks’ signs citing the Resolution 2015-1 prohibiting fireworks on port property without the ports permission. They suggested alerting law enforcement, state fisheries and the fire Marshall prior to the date, stating that if people choose to ignore the signs, any and all accidents caused by their actions would be at their own peril. The Port of Hoodsport has an Interlocal agreement with the Department of Public Works. A letter was received from the Department of Public Works stating there is an increase in chip sealing and maintenance and to get any requests in to them immediately for the 2018 work year.

Budget:     June 2017 Financial Statement was reviewed at the July 12, 2017 meeting

Old Business:     As discussed above

New Business:     None

Next Meeting:     August 9, 2017

Adjourn:     Commissioner Petz made a motion to adjourn the Regular Port Commission meeting, Commissioner Brazil seconded, unanimously approved, meeting adjourned at 10:05 a.m.

2017 Regular Port Commission Meetings are scheduled as follows:    Wednesday’s at 9a.m.

August 9th, August 23rd, September 13th, October 11th, November 8th

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Commissioner O’ Laughlin Commissioner Petz Commissioner Brazil