2011, 07 26

Date Published: October 11, 2011



July 26, 2011


Call to Order:   9:03am                                                                    Adjourned: 10:50am


Roll Call:                                Commissioner O’Laughlin

                                                Commissioner Brazil

Commissioner Petz


Staff Present:                         Kathleen Wyatt LeMaster, Port Operations Manager

                                               Pat Hoff, Port Maintenance


Public:                                    Victoria McCleod – Hoodsport Community Events Association

Mike & Geri Purvis – Owners of IGA Hoodsport Grocery

Forest McCullough – NW Land & Tree


Approval of Agenda:  Commissioner Brazil made a motion to approve the 7-26-11 meeting agenda. Commissioner Petz made the second, passed unanimously.


Minutes: Commissioner Brazil made a motion to approve the minutes of July 12, 2011. Commissioner Petz made the second, passed unanimously.


Vouchers: Commissioner Brazil made a motion to approve the Vouchers July (2of2), Commissioner Petz made the second, passed unanimously.


Public Communication:   Victoria with Hoodsport Community Events Committee reported no major problems at the Celebrate Hoodsport 4th of July event and appreciated all the Port did to ensure Public safety.  Uniformed Officers were effective & kept the peace.  Geri & Mike Purvis reported that charging a fee for parking in their parking lot solved many problems. All parties acknowledged, IGA graciously donated parking proceeds to the Hoodsport Community Events Committee.  It was suggested for next year that the events committee have shuttles on two days for the people at Lake Cushman.  It was discussed and agreed by all that the fireworks next year should be held on Saturday June 30, 2012 because the 4th of July falls on a Wednesday with only Saturday & Sunday as scheduled days off.   Crabbing season starts on Sunday July 1st which will allow for the Public to utilize the Port docks all day. The Port will hire two uniformed officers to prevent illegal fireworks on or around the Port dock on Wednesday July 4th,  2012.

Geri Purvis discussed having a Community potluck in Hoodsport in the winter months similar to the potluck put on by the Lilliwaup Community Center & Boosters Club at Lake Cushman.  The Hoodsport fire hall has agreed to allow the Public to use their facility, Geri is asking for participation, it could serve as a place and time to communicate information to the Public as well as a community gathering.

The Puget Sound Anglers Salmon Derby will be held on August 20 & 21st at the Port docks, IGA will sponsor a Salmon Bake dinner on Saturday August 20th for the participants, the Public is invited.  HCEA is invited to participate with Vendors & businesses in town are encouraged to have their own events & sales as the Salmon Derby brings an estimated 900 people to Hoodsport, IGA will host an awards ceremony.

Forest McCullough recapped on the removal of dead & diseased trees at the Hoodsport Trail project.  They are almost finished this week with the South side of State Route 119.  will need a permit from the Fire Marshall to burn a slash pile. Vandalism to their equipment is forcing them to camp out there. Jim Goodpastor will help with the project.  NW Land & Tree can proceed with a winter project of removing bad trees from the trail side of the road.  NW Land & Tree’s equipment was vandalized once over the 4th of July and again recently.  Discussion on making a trail to connect Foothills park trails.  WSDOT wants trees cut away from the road to avoid a winter windstorm problem.  Lots of Cedars are standing.

Commissioner Reports:   The Port will order ‘Port of Hoodsport’ jackets for Commissioners and Staff to wear at events.  A note to let the public know the current Commissioners made $976.00 in the 1st six months of 2011, a record for low for payroll to elected Port Commissioners.  Commissioner O’Laughlin used his military discount to purchase the Ports storage shed; all items have been moved from the ice house storage unit rental.  The derelict boat is being handled by DNR.  Commissioner O’Laughlin will speak to Brian Cook regarding the Visitors Center contract. Commissioner O’Laughlin will attend a luncheon for Norm Dicks at the Economic Development Council and express concerns regarding the sewer project.

Port Maintenance Reports:   Pat expressed concerns regarding the temporary restrooms & resolution with Pacific Mobile. The new storage shed is erected; items moved from ice house storage unit and the exterior will be painted. Pat will be removing her personal phone # as a contact at the temporary restrooms; the Purvis’ will put up their phone # for maintenance problems and will call Pat as needed. Geri to give a PSA flyer for the Kiosk.


Port Operations Manager Report:

Washington Public Ports Assn. sent a Ballot for the trustee to sign for their building purchase.  Excise tax, a fire permit & revenue to date from timber sales were discussed. Real Estate was discussed, a project plan will be drafted.

Gallons pumped from the temporary restrooms were discussed.



Budget:    Review of Expenditures/Revenue


Old Business:

  1. Marina signage revisions were reviewed, approved & sent to the sign maker.
  2. Discussion/Direction Regarding the Septic Design, Temporary & Permanent Restroom Projects: 

Septic Design:  County Environmental Health Specialist is reviewing the Easement.

Put on Hold until more research is done & other avenues explored.  Commissioner Petz expressed more exploration of the Port property South of West Realty as a possible Public restroom site & suggested doing the pre site inspection.

Permanent Restrooms:  CXT Montrose is the consideration.

Temporary Restrooms:  Up & running & being monitored.


New Business:

Commissioner O’Laughlin will find out where we can get a copy of the undersea video taken recently showing the Hood Canal teaming with life, in a hope to have permission to link it to the Ports website.


Setting Dates Next Meetings:  Next meetings dates are Tuesdays August 9th & August 23rd.


Executive Session:    None


Adjourn: Commissioner Brazil made a motion to adjourn. Commissioner Petz made the second, meeting adjourned at 10:50 pm


Minutes Approved: July 12, 2011



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Commissioner O’Laughlin        Commissioner Petz                  Commissioner Brazil