Fall Newsletter 2014

Date Published: October 28, 2014
Category: Newsletter

‘2014 Fall Newsletter’




Terry Brazil – Lake Cushman

Mike Petz – Potlatch

John O’Laughlin – Potlatch


The Port of Hoodsport Marina had extensive repairs done to the infrastructure under the dock and slips this last summer due to damage done by a cement boat in a winter storm, floats were also replaced under the dock and fire lines repaired. The Port’s Waterfront Park and dock were heavily used all summer by the Public while fishing, shrimping, crabbing, fishing, drumming & picnicking.


The Hoodsport Trail Park had more hikers than ever and was extremely busy last summer. Dangerous trees were taken out, bridges repaired, trails cleared, parking area widened and the outhouse & kiosk was updated.


On Saturday July 5, 2014 the Hoodsport Community Events Assn. sponsored the 29th annual Celebrate Hoodsport Fireworks event. This event draws thousands of people to the Hoodsport and Lake Cushman areas over the Independence Day week end. The Port of Hoodsport provided a clean and safe environment at the Port Marina for the pyrotechnics crew to set off the fireworks. State Troopers, Sheriffs, a Tow Truck and additional Sani Cans were all part of the Ports concern for Public Safety and Traffic Control. Parking areas in the immediate vicinity of the fireworks were reserved for the local Hoodsport Fire department and Medic One.


Port Commissioners were in attendance of several business meetings in support of the Chamber of Commerce in their effort to support a good working relationship encompassing local businesses in North Mason County creating synergy, promoting tourism and a healthy economy.


Commissioner Petz is heavily involved in supporting the local Food Bank. Commissioner Petz and O’Laughlin along with the Kiwanis Club donate time growing vegetables to help support the local Food Bank.


The Port of Hoodsport is seeking ways to create revenue streams so that constantly rising maintenance costs and future projects do not become a tax burden to the land owners in the Port district.


The Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony will be held at the IGA on a Sunday in December. The Lady Alderbrook cruise ship motored by Captain Cindy Sund will bring Carolers’ who will disembark at the Port of Hoodsport Marina dock to join the festivities. The dock will be clean and lined with Christmas lights.


“Overnight” moorage is available at the Port of Hoodsport’s Marina dock on a first come first served basis, there are no reservations, stays are limited to 24 hours, and the fee is $10. Per overnight stay. Crabbing season this year has been extended through December 2014.