“DRAFT” Agenda 8 MARCH 2023 Regular Port Commission Meeting Agenda (hybrid)

Date Published: March 6, 2023

AGENDA    – Regular Port Commission Meeting (hybrid) ZOOM Meeting ID# 406 238 9936

Wednesday                                                                      Port of Hoodsport Office

March 8, 2023                                                                24113 North Highway 101 Suite A

9:00 AM                                                                            Hoodsport, WA 98548

Call to Order of the Regular Port commission meeting for the Port of Hoodsport

Roll Call:   Commissioner Kincannon -Chair    Commissioner Brazil – 2nd Chair, Trustee     Commissioner Morris   

Approval of Regular Port Commission Meeting Agenda:        Dated: March 8, 2023

Speakers: Forest McCullough – NW Land & Tree (update on Hoodsport Trail Park), Katherine Yackel – YSS Dive Shop, Cheryl Kronaman – Kiwanis (update on volunteer program)
Public -Open public comment:                                                                                              
Consent Agenda:

Minutes:          Approval of the Regular Port Commission Meeting Minutes from February 8, 2023

Vouchers:        Vouchers in February in the amounts of $19,498.00; $9,954.88; $16,138.62

Commissioners Report:          Commissioner Kincannon – policies, website, Commissioner Brazil – Kiwanis volunteers, Disc Golf club info., volunteers. Commissioner Morris – event fee, moorage rate, private source donations

PORT Maintenance Report:   Maintenance Update

* Waterfront Park, Dock, Marina ~ flowers ordered for May delivery

* Office, Parking Area, Shed~

* Hoodsport Trail Park – CLOSED for clean up

* Disc Golf Course –  open as weather permits, parking lot clean up

Executive Director Report:   

  1. Policy’s – work in progress
  2. Move approved Funds to HTP Motion to add $5000. for gravel & parking lot expenses.
  3. Moorage rate increase – motion and date of implementation
  4. Website updated
  5. YSS Dive events 5.6.23 and 9.23.23 5.6.23Flyer for website
  6. Q1 Timesheets
  7. 2023 Regular Port Commission dates

Budget :                       Financial Statement – February 2023

Old Business New Business

Next Meeting:  Port of Hoodsport’s regular port commission meetings can be attended remotely via virtual Zoom meeting room, for an invitation, please email portmail@hctc.com at least 48 hours prior to the port commission meeting.

2023 Regular Port Commission meeting dates:  April 12th

Meeting Adjourned