Agenda – April 14, 2021 ‘DRAFT’

Date Published: April 12, 2021

Port of Hoodsport – VIRTUAL Meetings

Public Hearing and April 14, 2021 Regular Port Commission Meeting

ZOOM Meeting ID#  406 238 9936

Wednesday           April 14, 2021                   

Port of Hoodsport  24113 North Highway 101 Suite A Hoodsport, WA 98548

9:00 AM                     

Call to Order     

Roll Call     Commissioner Booth -Chair   Commissioner Kincannon -2nd Chair    Commissioner Brazil – Trustee


A Public Hearing is being held to consider testimony to Surplus the Public Restrooms to the Purvis LLC

This hearing is scheduled prior to and concurrent with the Port of Hoodsport’s Regular Port Commission Meeting.  Public comments are welcome and limited to 2 minutes

Regular Port Commission Meeting

Approval of Regular Port Commission Meeting Agenda:    Dated: April 14, 2021

Public -Open public comment                 
Mike & Geri Purvis - HCG 
Annie Bowers – Timberland Library 
Jan Goodpaster – Hoodsport Resident 
Skip Houser – Port of Hoodsport Attorney 
Heidi McCutchen – Mason County Chamber of Commerce
Consent Agenda:
Minutes:               Approval of the Regular Port Commission Meeting Minutes from March 10, 2021

Vouchers:     Voucher 1of1 March 31, 2021 in the amount of $8027.95

Commissioners 1st Quarter payroll in the amount of $1,389.61

Commissioners Reports                Commissioner Booth – Commissioner Kincannon – Commissioner Brazil

Commissioner Booth address  B. Osborne email request

PORT Maintenance Reports:   Update Commission on:

* Waterfront Park, Dock, Marina ~ fire extinguishers serviced,

* Office, Parking Area, Shed~

* Public R/R~ Public Restrooms closed, portable restrooms with hand washing stations serviced M, F

* Septic Drain field ~

* Hoodsport Trail Park~ open to hikers, trail clean up, signs – CLOSED in Inclement weather, Story book trail

* Disc Golf Course ~ open to disc golfers – CLOSED in Inclement weather, update on French drain prior to regrading and re graveling parking area, squatters,

Port Operations Manager Reports                                                                                                        

  1. Update on storybook trail with Annie Bowers
  2. Schedule 22 Annual Audit in progress – due to State of WA 5-30-2021
  3. Next Port meeting dates

Actions in Response to COVID-19 Outbreak as mandated per Governor Inslee

  1. March 9, 2020 The Port of Hoodsport is started operating at COVID-19 Precautionary Level 2. The regular port commission meeting scheduled for Wednesday March 11, 2020 was cancelled and tentatively rescheduled for Wednesday March 25, 2020, that meeting was cancelled and rescheduled for April via Zoom internet conference. March 20, 2020 the Port commission via an emergency meeting created Resolution 2020-01 authorizing emergency authority to the Executive Director. To keep our Commission, personnel and the public safe, meetings are conducted via Zoom conference.
  2. Meeting and Social Distancing Notices are posted on the Ports website, Port office window, Kiosks at the waterfront park, Dock, Hoodsport Trail Park & Disc Golf Park which remain open with posted social distancing guidelines.
  3. March 20, 2020 the Public restrooms were closed to the public, two portable restrooms with hand washing stations are available to accommodate the public

Budget                                Financial Statement – March 2021

Old Business                      Disc Golf Course, dock evaluation    New Business: 

Next Meeting:                   Virtual – internet ZOOM conference meeting held in Port of Hoodsport’s Zoom meeting room

2021 Regular Port Commission meetings:   May 19th, June 16th, July 14th,      Meeting Adjourned