2023 September 13 Port of Hoodsport Regular Port Commission Meeting Minutes

Date Published: October 25, 2023
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September 13, 2023

Call to Order:   9:02am                                                   Adjourned:  10:26am

Hybrid Meeting Held at:   24113 North Highway 101, Suite A

Hoodsport, WA 98548

Virtual Zoom Conference Meeting Room ID#406-238-9936  

Roll Call:                             Commissioner Kincannon–Chairwoman/2nd Trustee

                                                Commissioner Brazil – 2nd Chairman/Trustee

                                                Commissioner Morris

Staff Present:                    K. Wyatt, Executive Director

                                                S. Lindgren – Maintenance Supervisor

Public:                              Rich & Caralyn -Integrated Northwest Construction

                                                Lary Coppola – Port of Allyn -Executive Director

Approval of Agenda:       Commissioner Brazil motioned to approve the September 13, 2023, agenda as written, Commissioner Kincannon seconded; all in favor, unanimously approved.

Minutes: Commissioner Brazil motioned to approve the regular port commission meeting minutes for August 9, 2023, Commissioner Morris seconded, all in favor, unanimously approved.

VouchersCommissioner Kincannon motioned to approve August 2023 Vouchers, 1of2 in the amount of $7,758. (dock inspection & port’s 23-24 insurance), 2of2 in the amount of $11,271.89 Commissioner Morris seconded, all in favor, unanimously approved.

Public Communication:   

Commissioner Morris introduced Rich & Caralyn with Integrated Northwest Construction and said they are community members with an office right down the road, they are helping the Port go through the process with a dock inspection report to figure out repairs knowing there’s much needed maintenance to renew the lease with DNR. They were hired to do an in-depth inspection of the dock underwater and topside for damage assessment.  Caralyn said there is a two-phase approach needed for safety concerns to stop the bleeding, address the safety issues and the repairs before the rebuild. We brought an estimate and will be talking through the repair as we meet with the engineer on September 16th.  Commissioner Morris said I am available to meet with Rich and the Engineer just give me a time.

Commissioner Kincannon said DNR gave us a long-term project to complete over 15 years.  Rich said a level 3 inspection on the piles was already done. The Dept of Ecology said all piles were slipping, we found they are definitely not slipping, the Engineer will check on Saturday to make sure.  Caralyn said our concern is it is a severe safety hazard to put a big band aid on it, we don’t want to red tag it.  Rich said one bad pile was discovered, none of the float pads are bad.  Fish and Game agreed to do a repair once a bid is accepted.  Caralyn said we videotaped underwater and will upload a video to a thumb drive to give to the Port.  Our estimate goes through everything to get the dock to function now and to be safe. Because there are no hinges, it forces the dock to break itself.  Our proposal is to replace all of the wood and end two floats, the brackets are rusted and gone, there are no missing billets, but dock boards are missing.  With sistering iron metal to bolt in place, all movement causes grommets to hog out the holes.  The video shows all material coming loose, all hardware on frame needs to be replaced.  Need to haul everything out by hand, nothing can touch the water, we will have to put caution tape everywhere and keep people and boats out while we are doing repairs. We will also need a safety observer, the water is cold, the pile guides and rollers are frozen instead of rolling.  The piles are not correct you should have stabilizing guides to transfer energy for floats to float evenly.  All bolts are rusted, we will attach a support member to re attach them to and will remove deck boards then reinstall bolts then deck boards.  This is a band aid.  We will use galvanized hardware for a short period of time before the dock is replaced.  There is loose facia that needs to be repaired and reattached. It will be piece meal with no pressure treated wood, we will use yellow cypress it is 50% stronger and a better product all around, it will be around 300 square feet of decking to replace.  Regarding the piles, one roller system is missing, needs stabilizing guides and stabilizers, we may be able to change rollers.  Commissioner Kincannon said doesn’t the Port of Shelton have excess dock parts we can use?  Commissioner Morris said they gave it to the yacht club. Rich said we can reuse parts; the Port needs to agree to it since they are not new parts.  The North end pile needs to be repaired; it is the one bad pile which is rotten. Hoping the engineer can fill it with epoxy to keep the pile and wrap all wood piles which would extend the life for 30 years.  Caralyn said the commercial dock repair rules with Army Corp is less stringent.  Rich said we have 60 days to inspect after the project is done. We expect two weeks for the construction time period from start to finish.  Your proposal includes divers, we aren’t charging for ourselves, we are taking extra expenses out because we live here and want to help the Port.  Rich said hand everything with regard to paperwork to Caralyn for the professional parts of permitting, she is hiring a biologist who use to work for fish and game.  Caralyn said I do everything on the permitting side with Army Corp, Mason County, DNR and Fish and Game.  Rich said we will include everyone on an email thread to make sure everyone is in cooperation with the permitting process. Commissioner Morris said from your experience how long does the permitting process take?  Caralyn said Fish and Game,14 days, 30 days for everyone to be in line, with the 2 phased approach we will repair the topside urgency first and will get the Army Corp for a pile wrap permit whether it will be a repair or replacement.  Rich said a biologist report may show it is less harmful to wrap the piles than replace them.  If the end pile can’t be repaired, we may get an emergency permit to eliminate or replace it.  We need the engineers report before we finalize.  Commission Kincannon said what the timing?  Rich said the engineer will have a written report which should be within 3-5 days and will have a recommendation.  After the report and authorization and permit approval it will take 14 days for the emergency work to be done.  Caralyn said we consider this to be an urgent issue because of the dock.  Rich said Ecology is tracking this project because the last ecologist said there was slippage in all piles, that is not true only one pile is failing.  Caralyn said we are calling it an expensive band aid that will last for many years.  We will get permits but don’t have to execute them right away, Fish and Game and Army Corp permits are good for 6 months and can always be updated.  Rich said the threshold plates and hinges are super expensive.  Caralyn said assuming repairs on our bid are done, how long are we looking at before lack of flexibility will wreck the dock? Rich said not 4 years, the engineer will give a better idea, the floats are okay, the piles are a worry.  Commissioner Kincannon said we have a 15-year lease, the goal is to look at everything that needs to be done and spread it out accordingly.  We are waiting for your inspection report as the Port is required to get other bids.  Commissioner Morris said being able to spread out the cost gives us time to work with legislation to secure funds, we can get money approved but funds take a long time to receive.  For 2024 funding we are 3 months away. One of the things we need to consider when legislation slates money for projects that are ear marked now, it won’t arrive until July 2024, we want to have the repairs done before shrimping season.  We are also looking at municipal funds and the EDC to secure funding.  Caralyn said is the timing at the end of 2024, it may be better to replace and not repair the dock.  S Lindgren said two floats washed up and have holes in them. Rich said holes in floats shouldn’t make them sink.  Lary Copolla said the Department of Commerce filed for a grant for our Port and the lobbyist handled it all, the lobbyist charged the Port $25,000. per year and they have gotten us over $1 million dollars.  The Director asked Lary if he would give us their information, he said yes, the lobbying firm is Gordon, Thomas Honeywell and Holly Cocci is the lobbyist, I will give you her contact information.  Commissioner Kincannon said thank you Rich and Caralyn for the bid and timing, we look forward to receiving the inspection and engineer reports, we appreciate you coming today.  Caralyn said we suggest just a repair to limp along for a couple of years unless you get a lot of funding.  Rich said ecology must have 3 levels of inspections. Commissioner Morris asked Caralyn if he could stop by to pick up the thumb drive today? She said yes.  He said I will meet you Rich and the Engineer Saturday September 16th at what time, Rich said 9:30. The Director introduced Lary Coppola, executive director for the Port of Allyn and said their Port is interested in developing a disc golf park but they have hazard trees they did not know how to handle.  Commissioner Brazil said a forester from the state came to look at the 80-acre trail park and said many of the trees were dead and dying hazard trees.  We closed the park and removed the hazard trees which were a tangled mess in some areas, the tree removal company sold the pulp and salvage logs.  The Director said I will forward the forester and tree removal companies information to you Lary, the forester contacts DNR with information for your permitting process.  Commissioner Kincannon said we have had lots of people come to the trail park for hiking and to play disc golf from the community, everyone loves it. Director Coppola said the Port of Allyn and the salmon center own the property, no one wants to mess with the hazard trees.  Commissioner Morris said being able to clear hazard trees to provide funding to build a public Disc Golf Park for the community is a win/win situation. Come by anytime, I will walk you through the disc golf park.  Director Coppola said I will do that; we have the funding from RCO but have an individual who tries to stop the development of the 5-acre park area.  Commissioner Morris said a Disc Golf Park is environmentally friendly, low impact usage for the land and community, it preserves wild space with a pleasant, good sense of nature, hope people realize that it is a benign project.  Commissioner Kincannon said thank you so much Lary, we appreciate the valuable information you have given us and will help you in any way we can to move forward with development of your 5 acres and information to help you with the removal of your hazard trees so you can get started on your disc golf park.  Lary thanked the commission and director for having him.

Commissioner Reports    

Commissioner Morris said he has been talking to Drew McKean’s legislative aide who is insanely busy until October.  Having the inspection report will be incredibly helpful, I scheduled him to see the dock firsthand.  I have been speaking to the Port of Shelton and will talk to the Skokomish tribe for a grant liaison.  We can now pursue grants and get the ball rolling for 2024.  Commissioner Kincannon said to the director, can you contact Holly Cocci to lobby and interface with legislation.  I think we need two different engineers to get bids.  I will try to find my contact information for the engineering company I met at one of the WPPA seminars. Commissioner Brazil can look for his engineering firm contact as well.  I will be working on policies this winter.  We received the cigarette receptacle.  S Lindgren said it is installed; we could use another one at the disc golf course.  Commissioner Kincannon said I will order another one.  We finished the ‘fall newsletter’.  The director said it has been submitted to Lake Cushman and is posted. Commissioner Brazil said S Lindgren and I are definitely trying to save some trees at the disc golf course entrance, we are giving them lots of water.  I ran into families at the disc golf course and gave them Port frisbees, basket #8 needs a padlock. S Lindgren said he would replace it; it was taken out during the tree removal.

Port Maintenance Reports:

Hoodsport Trail Park & Disc Golf Park:  S Lindgren said people have been spinning brodies in the parking lot at the Disc Golf course and someone dumped a can full of broken glass, car seats, ottomans, and trash.  I loaded it up and took it all to the dump.  I bought game cameras to put in the parking lot.  The game cameras are motion activated; we need an account for $10. per month so we can save the video footage. Commissioner Kincannon said we need surveillance signs saying you are being videotaped.  We need additional trail signs; I will invite Katie to take a look at and figure out how to mark the trails.  We also need plant signs.  S Lindgren said we are cleaning up the old plant signs and re attaching them to 4×4’s with new plexiglass.  The problem is the signs get knocked over, otherwise the trails are looking really great.  I got the first 3 of the additional 9 disc golf holes in. I will get an estimate of how much it costs to move dirt.

Hoodsport Marina, Dock & Waterfront Park:  S Lindgren said I have not repaired the entire irrigation system yet just a couple of sprinkler heads, I am waiting for people to clear out more.

Portable Restrooms:  The Port of Hoodsport and Hood Canal Grocery share the cost to rent portable restrooms with hand washing stations for the public’s use.  In the summer season, they are serviced 3 times per week.  In winter there are 2 rentals, each serviced twice per week.  The Port monitors them for trash and additional toilet paper as needed in between services.  

Port parking/Office building/Maintenance shed:  The cigarette receptacle is installed and the picnic table at the dog park has been repaired.

Port Directors Report:  The Director said I will contact Mason County Garbage to reduce service to bimonthly and will contact the portable restroom company to remove two portable restrooms with hand washing stations and reduce service to once per week for winter months.  The fall newsletter was submitted to Lake Cushman to publish in their monthly newsletter, it will be posted on the Port’s website and office window.  As soon as the inspection report is received from Integrated Northwest Construction, the port can acquire two more bids to fulfill the RCW requirements and will consult with the ports legal counsel to make sure the bid process is done correctly.  The director reminded the commission to submit their Q3 timesheets and expense reports as soon as possible.  The Director said I will follow up with contacting the lobbyist to discuss the Port’s dock situation and will invite her to meet with Commissioner Morris and myself for a preliminary discussion on how she can help procure capital funding for the dock project.  I will also invite her to the next regular port meeting so the commission can discuss details.  I will follow up with Lary Coppola to talk about how the Port of Allyn can move forward with development of their 5 acres, their hazard tree situation and will give him contact information for the forester and tree removal company.

Budget:    August 2023 financial statements were reviewed.

Old Business:  As discussed above        New Business:    As discussed above.

Next Meeting:    October 25th

Adjourn:          Commissioner Kincannon made a motion to adjourn the Regular Port Commission meeting, Commissioner Morris seconded, all in favor, unanimously approved, meeting adjourned at am 10:26am

2023 Regular Port Commission Meetings are scheduled as follows:

Wednesday’s at 9am October 25th, November 1st, December 13th  

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