2023 July 19 Port of Hoodsport Regular Port Commission Meeting Minutes

Date Published: September 10, 2023
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July 19, 2023 Call to Order:   9:00am                                                   Adjourned:  10:31am

Hybrid Meeting Held at:   24113 North Highway 101, Suite A Hoodsport, WA 98548

Virtual Zoom Conference Meeting Room ID#406-238-9936  

Roll Call:                             Commissioner Kincannon–Chairwoman/2nd Trustee (Excused Absence)

                                                Commissioner Brazil – 2nd Chairman/Trustee

                                                Commissioner Morris

Staff Present:                    K. Wyatt, Executive Director S. Lindgren – Maintenance Supervisor

Public:                              none

Approval of Agenda:       Commissioner Morris motioned to approve the July 19, 2023, agenda as written, Commissioner Brazil seconded; all in favor, unanimously approved.

Minutes: Commissioner Brazil motioned to approve the regular port commission meeting minutes for June 7, 2023, Commissioner Morris seconded, all in favor, unanimously approved.

VouchersCommissioner Brazil motioned to approve the Vouchers for June 2023, in the amount of $13,623.73 and for the Q2 commission payroll in the amount of $4,111.41 Commissioner Morris seconded, all in favor, unanimously approved.

Public Communication:   none

Commissioner Reports    

Commissioner Morris said he has made meaningful contact with Integrated NW Construction (INWC) regarding the dock inspection required for DNR for the dock lease renewal.  The director said she spoke to INWC, they will send the Professional Service Agreement for signature.  The initial cost could be up to $6,000.00 for a desktop review, physical inspection with divers, the engineered drawing and bid, the first invoice will be $3500.00.  The inspection is the first step to test the structure providing a road map for lease stipulations emphasizing safety, it will demonstrate how much of the existing infrastructure is stable, then what needs replacement to rebuild the dock.  If the commission agrees to the INWC fee, the commission should make a motion to approve their invoice at this meeting so a voucher can be submitted for payment and to get them started.  Commissioner Morris asked the director if there were funds available in the port’s 2023 budget to make a motion to approve, she said yes.  Commissioner Morris made a motion to approve to allocate up to $6,000.00 for the dock inspection.  Commissioner Brazil seconded the motion, it was unanimously approved.  Commissioner Morris said I met the folks from EDC at the Oyster Festival meeting who said there could be immediate grants available with no matching funds necessary to cover exploratory costs. We need to do some rough math with what the expenses are to date and have a projection for the project before the end of the year that we can use for a full on proposal.  EDC is proud of the money they secured for the Port of Alyn and are optimistic about funding possibilities. I spoke to Derek Kilmer at the Fjordin Crossin who hinted there could be federal money to fix the dock. By the fall we will ask representatives at the State legislature for capital funding.  Commissioner Brazil said there is money available from the State for derelict boats if there is clean up to do.  Commissioner Morris said he participated in the Fjordin Crossin event, it went really well, the weather was fantastic, there was a great turn out, no one capsized across the canal, and everyone had a lot of fun.  The Hardware Distillery had a lot of success and the Salmon Enhancement center raised money.  Commissioner Brazil said he has been popping into the Hoodsport Trail Park and Disc Golf course, there are always happy people up there with their family and friends liking the free park. 

Port Maintenance Reports:

Hoodsport Trail Park & Disc Golf Park:  S Lindgren met a guy who knows B Grondin, this guy is interested in becoming a warden for the disc golf course and would like to organize tournaments.  The director said someone called and is interested in a special nighttime glow in the dark event.  Commissioner Morris said to be consistent with current rules, I make a motion for a formal approval pending the date only, Commissioner Brazil seconded the motion.  S Lindren said we are in need of directional signs on the Hoodsport trail, people are getting confused, all loops go back to the main trail, but it is confusing.  The director said we can talk to Commissioner Kincannon at the next meeting as she is checking in to signage. S Lindgren said people playing disc golf are talking about how they would like to see 9 more holes, making it a Par 3 Executive course. The longest hole is 280’ and the shortest is 172’, I have lined it out, there is room for the additional 9 holes #10 – #18 across the parking lot taking advantage of using the existing skid road.  Commissioner Morris said in thinking about the additional 9 holes at the disc golf course, it is an intriguing idea, I have quite a few friends who are ‘professional disc golfers’, we can get them to walk through and conceptualize the project.  Commissioner Brazil said it could be a project that takes all winter to complete.  S Lindgren said the UTV needs a roof and windshield before winter, I priced them on Amazon, they are less expensive than at the dealership.  Commissioner Morris said a commercial grade roof and windshield, even if they cost more, are worth the cost to protect the investment. S Lindgren said the port can also use a utility trailer to haul the UTV in for its annual service.  A discussion on whether to spend money on buying a trailer to haul the UTV annually or paying someone $250.00 to haul it to the dealership ended in the cost being substantially less to hire someone to haul it in once a year.  S Lindgren said a small utility trailer for the back of the UTV to haul tools, water, to move disc golf materials and forest debris off trails would save the port money in labor.  Commissioner Brazil said he can see how the utility trailer can be used for debris and hazard tree clean up and to create the additional 9 holes, he asked how much it would cost, S Lindgren said about $1000.00.  S Lindren said a generator would be nice to charge the battery-operated tools.  There was discussion on whether a battery or gas generator was better, it was tabled for further discussion.  Commissioner Morris made a motion to approve a total of $2500.00 to purchase a windshield and roof through the dealership to preserve the investment of the UTV and to purchase a small utility trailer for facility use assistance at the 80 Acre Hoodsport Trail Park.  Commissioner Brazil seconded the motion, it was unanimously approved.   

Hoodsport Marina, Dock & Waterfront Park:  S Lindgren said the irrigation will need to be patched or replaced, it is old and springing leaks. I will need dirt, sod and replacement parts.  Commissioner Morris asked what the costs will be and does the dirt seep through the rocks when it rains.  S Lindgren said, yes it seeps through the mesh and rocks.  Commissioner Morris said maybe we should consider a nice breed of moss that doesn’t require soil and requires no mowing.  I know a master gardener up the hill always asking if she could help, I will ask her about it.  S Lindgren said the PVC, irrigation material, dirt, mesh, and labor will probably cost $2500.00.  Commissioner Morris made a motion to approve and allocate $2500.00 for materials and labor for repair of the irrigation system immediately at the waterfront park.  Commissioner Brazil seconded the motion, it was unanimously approved.

Portable Restrooms:  The Port of Hoodsport and Hood Canal Grocery share the cost to rent portable restrooms with hand washing stations for the public’s use.  In the summer season, they are serviced 3 times per week.  In winter there are 2 rentals, each serviced twice per week.  The Port monitors them for trash and additional toilet paper as needed in between services.  

Port parking/Office building/Maintenance shed:  People are dumping household trash and throwing cigarette butts everywhere.  I am still looking for a cigarette butt can.  Commissioner Kincannon is looking for one to purchase.

Port Directors Report:

Discussion on the dock lease renewal inspection and capital funding was discussed earlier.  The Hoodsport Hills Disc Golf Course and trail park were claimed, added, and verified on Google Maps with a link to the Port’s website url that goes directly to the trail page, the port’s phone number and main description of the trail and amenities were included. Lary Copola, with the Port of Alyn was invited to our meeting today to discuss capital funding they received from the EDC and to discuss adding a new disc golf park to their facility.  As we have not seen Lary yet, we will invite him to the next regular port meeting.  The midyear budget analysis has been completed with a report on up-to-date financials. The port’s 2023 tax-based revenue is projected to be $102,403.00 of which $65,569.00 or 64% has been collected as of the end of June; the projected timber tax revenue was $10,000.00 of which $10,155.00 or 101% has been collected; projected short term moorage revenue was $900.00 of which $590.00 or 65% has been collected.  Revenue generated from the capital assets sale of removed hazard trees for 2023 was $134,889.00.  From the revenue, costs to reopen the Hoodsport trail park were $95,000.00 for restoration of 3 miles of hiking trails, regrading/repairing three parking areas, re routing the disc golf course, replanting 3000 trees impervious to root rot, purchasing facility use equipment, new signage, public web access to maps and the disc golf course.  The grand re opening of the beautiful, improved Hoodsport Trail Park and Hoodsport Hill’s Disc Golf Course was held on May 27th, 2023.   In taking steps to renew the DNR dock lease agreement, the Port has had unexpected costs for an aquatic survey and is required to have an engineered dock inspection to determine what is required to either repair or replace the dock.  Despite unexpected costs, the port is still currently on track and within its budget for 2023.

Budget:    June 2023 financial statements were reviewed.

Old Business:  As discussed above        New Business:    As discussed above.

Next Meeting:    August 9th

Adjourn:          Commissioner Brazil made a motion to adjourn the Regular Port Commission meeting, Commissioner Morris seconded, all in favor, unanimously approved, meeting adjourned at am 10:31am

2023 Regular Port Commission Meetings are scheduled as follows:

Wednesday’s at 9am August 9th

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Commissioner Kincannon (excused absence) Commissioner Brazil         Commissioner Morris