2023 December 13 Port of Hoodsport Regular Port Commission Meeting Minutes

Date Published: January 24, 2024
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December 13, 2023 Call to Order:   9:am                                         Adjourned:  9:38am

Hybrid Meeting Held at:   24113 North Highway 101, Suite A Hoodsport, WA 98548

Virtual Zoom Conference Meeting Room ID#406-238-9936  

Roll Call:                             Commissioner Kincannon–Chairwoman/2nd Trustee

                                                Commissioner Brazil – 2nd Chairman/Trustee (Excused Absence)

                                                Commissioner Morris

Staff Present:                    K. Wyatt, Executive Director, S. Lindgren – Maintenance Supervisor

Public speakers:                                 

Approval of Agenda:       Commissioner Kincannon motioned to approve the December 13, 2023 regular port commission agenda with a couple of changes to inaccurate dates, Commissioner Morris seconded; it was unanimously approved.

Minutes: Commissioner Kincannon motioned to approve the regular port commission meeting minutes for November 15, 2023, Commissioner Morris seconded, it was unanimously approved.

VouchersCommissioner Kincannon motioned to approve November 2023 Voucher, 1of1 in the amount of $10,313.71 Commissioner Morris seconded, it was unanimously approved.

Public Communication:   

Annie with Timberland Library said she is taking down the ‘Fall Storybook’ and will leave the metal frames up until March.  Jen from Canalside wanted to remind everyone about the Hoodsport Holiday festival on Saturday December 16th, there will be lots of people, Christmas caroling starts at 5:30 at the YSS Dive Shop then meanders through town.  Commissioner Morris said there will be candy canes distributed throughout the town, also wanted to say the Christmas tree with lights at the Hoodsport waterfront park looks good.

Commissioner Reports    

Commissioner Kincannon said she did not meet with legislators at the ‘legislator sendoff’ event at the Alderbrook Golf club, the EV charging station committee determined the funding deadline has to wait until the next budget cycle and term for funding.  Commissioner Kincannon reminded everyone that there is an online fundraising auction for a great cause at Hood Canal School District. Commissioner Morris met with Representative Griffey, Rob Barnes and the port’s lobbyist, Holly at the ‘legislator sendoff’ to discuss the dock repairs. They were very enthusiastic and said timing was not on our side for funding this year due to the lame duck short legislative session where the budget is very tight with a stopgap funding of $160,000. for districts, and schools.  Packets are being prepared to be submitted for this sessions capital funding, when discussing the port’s dock repair, they thought the amount for the limited repair was feasible.  Dan Griffey said the Port needs to start public fundraising to show legislators we are proactive, it will be a line on the application.  Commissioner Kincannon said I have a lot of experience with fundraising and will take that on with the community, I have a lot of ideas, there’s a lot of communities outside of our area.  The director said I will help, we can do a fundraiser during the Fjordin Crossin event in June.  Commissioner Kincannon said she will get together with Jan and Jen to discuss having a booth. The director said we have a donation policy in place, I will send the Donation Policy, donation form and receipt to the commission.

YSS Dive Shop said they are in support of capital funding to help the port as they have noticed a dip in their business since the dock has been closed.  Commissioner Morris said I spoke to Marine Floats and will meet with Corey Nunn on Friday December 15th, he will evaluate the dock repairs then get a bid back to us as soon as possible, we are hoping to find a more affordable solution for the limited repairs.  Commissioner Kincannon recapped that the port received and approved a bid for the emergency repair from a local contractor in town who submitted their bid for $44,000.00, the Port’s attorney sent a formal contract to them for signature, they then resubmitted another bid to the Port that was considerably higher.  Commissioner Morris did you get a breakdown on the second bid from them?  No subtotals, but I will use a calculator to figure it out to find where the additional costs are and points of flexibility.  The director said as soon as she receives the breakdown on the second bid, she will forward it to Commissioner Kincannon.

Port Maintenance Reports:

Hoodsport Trail Park & Disc Golf Park:  S Lindgren said he filed a police report with Mason County Sheriff’s department on the two thefts on two different occasions of the stolen contents from the container shed at the Disc Golf course parking lot.  The director called the Port’s insurance company to submit claims, the deductibles are $1,000. Per incident.  The value of the stolen items was just less than $1000., the insurance company said it may not be worth it to file a claim as there would be no reimbursement since the deductible is more than the amount of the stolen items, and the premium will go up as a result.  The insurance company said the location of the storage container shed is remote and will likely become a target again in the future.  The director said to the commission and S Lindgren, can we move the storage container to Port property by the shed in town?   S Lindgren said yes it may be able to fit long ways in front of the small shed, we really need the storage container to store everything.  Commissioner Kincannon made a motion to contact United Rentals and have them move the storage container down to port property in town.  Commissioner Morris seconded the motion, it was unanimous.

Hoodsport Marina, Dock & Waterfront Park:  S Lindgren said the Christmas tree stand and lights were up, we had to buy a couple more strings of lights to make it complete.  The Kiwanis asked to put up a Christmas banner on the metal railing on the fence in front of the waterfront beach to thank the community for their support.

Portable Restrooms:  The Port of Hoodsport and Hood Canal Market Fresh share the cost of renting portable restrooms with hand washing stations for the public’s use.  In the summer season, they are serviced 3 times per week.  In winter, November through April there are 2 rentals, each serviced twice per week.  The Ports maintenance monitors them for trash and additional toilet paper as needed in between services.  

Port parking/Office building/Maintenance shed:  The same locals continue to throw household garbage in the trash cans.  The director reminded everyone that the Port facility maintenance is short of a person to help with garbage during the winter.

Port Directors Report:  The Director reminded the commission to sign the paperwork on the conference table and to submit their Commissioners Q4 payroll timesheets and expense reports.  Congratulations to Commissioner Kincannon for winning the election retaining her Port Commissioner Position 2, her 6-year term started December 2023 with an end date of November 2030.  The port director said we currently have commission parameters of which commissioners oversee port owned public areas and business organizational meetings. Currently, Port Commissioner Brazil -position 1 is the 2nd Chairman and WPPA 1st Trustee, he oversees the Hoodsport Trail Park, Disc Golf Park and is the liaison with the Lake Cushman board and the Kiwanis. Commissioner Kincannon – Position 2 is the Chairwoman and WPPA 2nd Trustee, she oversees policies, marketing, the press, port website, fundraising and is the Chamber and community liaison.  Commissioner Morris – Position 3 oversees the Waterfront dock, pier, park and parking area in town, he is the liaison with state and local representatives, the ports lobbyist, interfaces with dock contractors and DNR spearheading the dock repair/replacement project.  He is also the local business and community liaison.  You as a commission, can change the delegation of the 2024 board of commissioner’s roles and assignments for the upcoming business year or you can keep it as is for 2024.  Commissioner Kincannon said I am good with keeping it the same if everyone else is.  Commissioner Morris said, “I am good with it also”. The director asked to amend today’s Agenda adding line item #6 -Discussion on Balanced Budget from the Mason County Auditor.  The director spoke to the Auditor who said the port’s budget was not balanced, not showing a beginning and ending total as the same amount. I explained to the Auditor that the Port will be using funds from its beginning balance to cover Dock repairs that may not be covered at the end of the year from capital funding in which the port may or may not receive, those funds are not reflected in the 2024 budget, balancing the budget would not reflect accurate numbers.  Commissioner Kincannon said until we are told to manipulate the numbers to make it a balanced budget, I would rather reflect accurate numbers to be transparent, so I suggest leaving the budget as is.  Commissioner Morris said, “I agree. The director thanked the commission and facility maintenance supervisor for a great year and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.  Everyone wished each other a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Budget:    November 2023 financial statements were reviewed.

Old Business:  As discussed above        New Business:    As discussed above.

Next Meeting:    January 17th

Adjourn:          Commissioner Morris made a motion to adjourn the Regular Port Commission meeting, Commissioner Kincannon seconded, it was unanimously approved, meeting adjourned at am 9:38am

2023-2024 Regular Port Commission Meetings are scheduled as follows:

Wednesday’s at 9am  December 13th, January 17th, February 14th, March 13th

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