2022 January 26th Regular Port Commission Meeting Minutes

Date Published: February 9, 2022


January 26, 2022

Call to Order:   9:05am                                                   Adjourned:  10:00am

Meeting Held at:              Virtual Zoom Conference Meeting Room ID#406-238-9936  

Roll Call:                             Commissioner Kincannon – Chairwoman / 2nd Trustee

                                                Commissioner Brazil – 2nd Chairman / Trustee   

                                                Commissioner Morris  

Staff Present:                    K. Wyatt, Executive Director S. Lindgren – Maintenance Supervisor

Public:                                                  Forest McCullough – NW Land & Tree

Approval of Agenda:       Commissioner Brazil motioned to approve the existing agenda dated January 26, 2022, as written; Commissioner Kincannon seconded; all in favor, unanimously approved.

Minutes: Commissioner Kincannon motioned to approve the regular port commission minutes for December 15, 2021, Commissioner Brazil seconded, all in favor, unanimously approved.

VouchersCommissioner Kincannon motioned to approve the Voucher for December 30, 2021, in the amount of $6,537.02 and the 4th Q Commission payroll in the amount of $1,649.63 Commissioner Brazil seconded, all in favor, unanimously approved.

Public Communication:   F McCullough along with S Lindgren assessed the 80-acre Hoodsport Trail Park for damage after the wind and snowstorm that knocked down hundreds of trees and branches in the trail park on both the 20-acre disc golf course and the 60-acre hiking side.  With all the timber that came down in the park, we will have to remove the fallen trees and hazard trees soon so the park will be ready in the spring to reopen to the public.  We will have to close off both sides of the Hoodsport Trail Park and are not sure exactly how many loads of timber will come out of the park. It will require usage of the state easement road to accommodate the machinery, the disc golf course parking area and adjacent flat area will be used to stack and stage logs for transport.  The tree removal falls within the Port’s 15-year forest plan with the state, as these trees are removed the volume of tree removal in the future will decrease leaving healthier trees in the park.  Commissioner Kincannon asked if he would contact the state to use the easement road, F McCullough said he would contact them.  This project may possibly be twenty loads of timber and pulp, we will need two loads of gravel to spread in the staging area.  Commissioner Kincannon asked if they will order the rock, clean up the area and spread the gravel around the parking lot, F McCullough said yes, it will be cleaned up and graded.  Commissioner Brazil asked what the timeline is? F McCullough said after everything is in place, it is estimated to take three to four weeks.  Commissioner Kincannon asked if anyone had additional comments or concerns. Karen Booth said she wanted F McCullough to be aware of the storybook trail.  He said he will remove all the story book signs before they start.  Commissioner Kincannon made a motion to move forward with NW Land & Tree obtaining permission from the state for access, have a purchase agreement signed by the lumber company to take the trees to market, prepare areas to stage stacked timber, remove and clean up downed and hazard trees from both sides of the Hoodsport Trail Park.  Commissioner Brazil seconded the motion, it was unanimous.  F McCullough said NW Land & Tree are members of the MRSC small works roster that the Port is a member of, he will write a proposal to be signed by the commission.  S Lindgren said the Port of Hoodsport owns property in town starting at the maintenance shed that goes up the hill past a neighbor and over to where the telephone pole is located in the parking lot.  He said a large tree from the port’s property came down in the snowstorm nearly missing the roof and propane tank of the neighbor.  He took F McCullough to the ports property to assess how many trees could be hazardous to the two adjacent neighbors and port parking area. F McCullough said in the last snowstorm maples, alders and madrona trees were the types of trees that snapped and came down, there is a maple cluster hanging over the neighbor’s house, during the snowstorm one of the treetops snapped and came down but the rest of it will need to be removed.  There are also Maples and Madrona trees leaning over the parking lot.  These will require an 80’ lift to get to the tops of the trees for removal, I estimate it will take three days with the lift rental and our labor, it will cost $5,000.  Commissioner Kincannon said can you handle the cleanup; we want the job complete.  F McCullough said yes, we can clean and remove it all, S Lindgren said he would help with the cleanup.  Commissioner Brazil said what if we allotted $2000. for the cleanup with a total of $7,000. F McCullough said this is a priority, once the lift is rented, we can do it over a weekend.  Commissioner Kincannon asked if anyone had questions or comments.  Commissioner Kincannon asked the Port director to contact the Port’s attorney to find out if money from the investment account slated for the trail park could be used for the hazard tree removal in town.  Commissioner Brazil made a motion to have NW Land and Tree write a proposal to be signed by the director for the immediate removal of the hazard trees in town.  Commissioner Kincannon seconded the motion, it was unanimously approved.

Commissioner Reports     Commissioner Brazil said he took a walk through the Hoodsport Trail Park, it looked like a war zone with all the trees down and large branches everywhere.  Widow maker branches were over the trail and the disc golf course parking area is blocked with a snow berm.  So many trees came down over State Route 119 during the snow and windstorm, there was only one lane, it was covered with packed snow, large branches, and trees.  Commissioner Morris asked as a matter of protocol, when could he speak or add something to the agenda.  Commissioner Kincannon said he could have something added to the agenda before the meeting by contacting the port director or could ask to add a topic during the approval of the agenda.  You can speak during the Commissioner reports and add comments at any time during the meeting.  Commissioner Brazil said since we have a three-person commission, you cannot speak to either of us commissioners about port business unless we are in a public meeting, you can contact the port director to have her pass on information that you want to discuss.  The port director said Commissioner Kincannon just attended a new commissioner seminar at the end of November, there will be another new commissioner seminar, we will sign you up for.  Commissioner Kincannon said the WPPA is creating a Port policy binder that has many answers to common questions about port etiquette and meetings, in the meantime you can read the Roberts rules online to help know how to make and approve motions during meetings.  Commissioner Kincannon said she would be happy write up a recap of her notes from her new commissioner session for Commissioner Morris.  She added that the new brochure for the Hoodsport Trail Park is at the graphic designer. 

Port Maintenance Reports:  

Hoodsport Trail Park & Disc Golf Park:  S Lindgren said the trail park is a mess, I cleared the parking area but can’t do much until the trees and branches are removed after the snow is all melted.  The gate to the trail park took a pounding and the park is closed.

Hoodsport Marina, Dock & Waterfront Park:  The dock made it through the storm with no maintenance required. There is not a lot to do at the waterfront park and marina right now except for emptying garbage and monitoring everything.   I think I finally found someone to help with maintenance, he is getting his business license then we will talk more.  In the fall someone left fuel gas tanks, 2 wheels and tires by the shed.  Someone stole all of them in the last month.

Public Restrooms: During a public hearing on April 14, 2021, the public restrooms were surplus’d to the Purvis’ whose plans are to repair and re-open them at their expense, they will replace the drain field and repair the septic system in accordance with the Mason County Environmental health specifications.   Until then, the Port of Hoodsport and the Purvis’ continue to provide portable restrooms with washing stations for the publics use. 

Port parking/Office building/Maintenance shed: S. Lindgren monitors live stream surveillance cameras overlooking the public restrooms, office building, port shed, parking lot, waterfront park and marina dock. It appears the same people continue to dump household garbage.

Port Directors Report

The port director welcomed Commissioner Morris to his first regular port commission meeting.  Cody was elected as Port Commissioner Position 3 replacing Commissioner Booth and is serving a six-year term to November 2027.  Commissioner Morris received a packet from the County elections department and was officially sworn in before a notary on January 12, 2022.  The port director asked Commissioner Morris if we could ceremonially swear him in today, he was happy to oblige.  Commissioner Morris read the ‘Oath of Office’, everyone clapped and welcomed him to as the newest Port commissioner.  The Port director said the total registered voters in the Port of Hoodsport’s district is 1851, the total votes cast during the November 2021 election for the commissioner position was 793.  The port director reiterated that the elections department sent a letter in 2021 stating all agencies would now be participating in all election’s costs for general and annual elections throughout the County.  The Port of Hoodsport received its invoice from the County elections department, the funds will be automatically swept from the Port’s general account in January.  The fees are $940.80 for the November 2021 general election and $543.12 for the 2021 annual election cost.  Commissioner Kincannon suggested we budget for the election fees in next year’s budget.  The port director received an email from Jan Morris regarding the Fjordin Crossin event, Jan said she spoke to the Salmon Enhancement center and a few other vendors, they would like to entertain May 15th as a possible Fjordin Crossin event date.  An application was sent to Jan for usage of the waterfront park.  Commissioner Kincannon said we should table any discussion until we have received the application from J Morris.  The port director forwarded an email from the Washington Public Ports Association who is updating the WPPA port directory for 2022 and encouraged everyone to send an update photo. The directory will show Commissioner Morris as the new Commission in Position 3, we will submit his headshot photo, phone number and email address. We will update the facilities section by removing the public restrooms and 18-hole golf course.

Budget:               December financial statements were reviewed

Old Business:  As discussed above        New Business:    As discussed above

Next Meeting:    February 9, 2022

Adjourn:          Commissioner Brazil made a motion to adjourn the Regular Port Commission meeting, Commissioner Kincannon seconded, all in favor, unanimously approved, meeting adjourned at 10:00a.m.

2022 Regular Port Commission Meetings are scheduled as follows:

Wednesday’s at 9am   February 9, March 9, April 13, May 11            

Commissioner Kincannon         Commissioner Brazil         Commissioner Morris