2021 October 13th Regular Port Commission Meeting Minutes

Date Published: November 10, 2021

MINUTES FROM THE REMOTE VIRTUAL REGULAR PORT COMMISSION MEETING OF THE PORT OF HOODSPORT COMMISSION October 13, 2021 Call to Order:   9:01am                                                   Adjourned:  10:25am

Meeting Held at:              Virtual Zoom Conference Meeting Room ID#406-238-9936  

Roll Call:  Commissioner Booth – Chairwoman, Commissioner Kincannon – 2nd Chairwoman Terry Brazil – Trustee                                                                                                               

Staff Present:                    K. Wyatt, Executive Director, S. Lindgren – Supervisor of Maintenance

Public:                                Tonia Buell, Project Development Mgr. WSDOT

Approval of Agenda:       Commissioner Kincannon made a motion to amend the agenda to add WPPA Per Diem Resolution to Port Directors report and approves the remainder of the agenda dated October 13, 2021 as written; Commissioner Brazil seconded; it was unanimously approved.

Minutes: Commissioner Brazil made a motion to approve the regular port commission minutes for September 15, 2021, Commissioner Kincannon seconded the motion, unanimously approved.

VouchersCommissioner Brazil made a motion to approve the Voucher for September 30, 2021, in the amount of $8,874.24 & 3rd Quarter Commission Payroll in the amount of $1,374.68; Commissioner Kincannon seconded, unanimously approved.

Public Communication:   Tonia Buell, Project Dev. Manager with Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) said their goal is to electrify highways across the United States and in the pacific northwest to expand Hwy 101 from Olympia to Port Angeles.  The goal is to have electric vehicle charging stations at 50-mile intervals.  Part of a Volkswagen settlement agreement was to give $2 billion dollars to electrify America.  $800 million was to be invested in California, and $1.2 Billion went to the United States for charging infrastructure along highly traveled highway corridors across America.  Hoodsport is an area of interest with the location along the highway and tourist draw.  WSDOT put in proposals for agencies to partner with the private sector in applying for potential grant money and to match funds with their own money to install fast charging EV stations in locations along highway corridors.  It is suggested that there are four DC fast charging stations at each location where people can charge for 30-45 minutes so their battery will be at least 80% charged.  Each charging stations costs $100 thousand dollars, so a location of four charging stations will cost $400 thousand dollars for infrastructure and the chargers.  Commissioner Kincannon said our community may not be able to come up with funds to match grant money.  T Buell said the more matching funds from the private sector, the higher the score on grant money.  The funding program has not started yet, we are currently looking for good sites and finding partners to participate.  The federal government may be funding $71 million dollars at some point.  We are suggesting the communities and private sectors put together proposals and be ready for grant funding.  T Buell said she would submit a grant format to use as an example from the last grant funding applicants.  Commissioner Brazil asked if Tesla charging stations are proprietary to their own vehicles.  T Buell said, yes, Tesla drivers have an adaptor they can use for DC charging stations, however Tesla charging stations are proprietary to their own vehicles.  Commissioner Booth asked why we need four stations, T Buell said we are gearing up for future use, all car manufacturers are making electric vehicles and it will become a future standard.  J Morris asked if all four stations must be in one location, T Buell said it is better if they are all in a row, it is the lowest cost option due to station equipment, electricity upgrades, permits, host site agents.   We need more power to supply higher expectations, Hoodsport is directly along the highway and the goal is to finish highway corridors before electrifying other roadways.  Commissioner Booth asked if we could expect more government funding for these projects, T Buell said their goal is to use more of the private sector funds and are very excited to see the interest in EV Charging stations in Hoodsport to fill the gap between Olympia and Port Angeles.  Annie with the Timberland Regional library put out the fall storybook along the lower trail at the Hoodsport Trail Park.  The story is called “Explorers of the Wild”, its about a little boy and a bear walking along the trail that they explored together.  Annie asked if she should put up a winter storybook.  Commissioner Brazil said as it gets wetter and windier, we must close the gates due to tree branches and I think we should wait to be safe.  Commissioner Kincannon said I think that is a great idea.  Commissioner Booth said this is a great partnership and we really appreciate the storybook trail.

Commissioner Reports     Commissioner Kincannon is working on the QR codes & GIS maps for hikers to easily access and follow the trails at the Hoodsport Trail Park on their phone.  All Trails App may also work for hikers.  We will have a QR code at each trail head to scan for the map.  Commissioner Brazil will walk the HTP to test the All-Trails App and look at the new trail markers and signs.  Commissioner Booth is working on cleaning up information on the internet related to the Port of Hoodsport and will put together a list of updates.

Port Maintenance Reports:  

Hoodsport Trail Park & Disc Golf Park:  S Lindgren said the trail looks fantastic and only needs a few more symbols.  MW is doing a terrific job in maintaining the upper and lowers hiking trails.  The trails leading to the abandoned 18-hole disc golf course is overgrown, we are losing sight of the pads and goals.  The Disc Golf club stopped working on the 60-acre side of the trail park because it was too much work to build and maintain with volunteers who all have full time jobs and the terrain is very steep and rough.  We could take apart the equipment and haul it out.  A guy was seen dumping fish carcasses in the lower parking lot, I watched him and got his license plate number.  Commissioner Booth asked if S Lindgren could report to the Sheriff that someone was littering, he said yes.  Commissioner Kincannon suggested identifying as a Port staff and ask them to call the individual regarding the incident.  As far as the donated gravel to cover the disc golf parking lot from the Goodpastors, when asked about it, he said to wait a while, he isn’t ready.  Dumpster trash pick up was reduced to every other week as of October 12th for winter months.

Hoodsport Marina, Dock & Waterfront Park:  S Lindgren drained down the irrigation water and the fire lines on the dock before the temperature gets down below freezing. The port purchased and electric cordless lawn mower, weed eater with a pole saw attachment and extra battery packs, it all works fantastic without bogging down.

Public Restrooms: In a public hearing, the public restrooms were surplused to the Purvis’ on April 14, 2021.  They will be replacing the drain field and repair the septic system in accordance with the Mason County Environmental health specifications to re-open the restrooms.  Until then, the Port of Hoodsport and the Purvis’ continue to provide Sani cans with washing stations for the publics use.

Port parking/Office building/Maintenance shed: S. Lindgren monitors live stream surveillance cameras overlooking the public restrooms, office building, ports shed, parking lot, waterfront park and marina dock. It appears the same people continue to dump household garbage.

Port Directors Report

The port commission signed a resolution sent out by the Washington Public Ports Assn to correct a legislative mistake to adjust per diem for inflation.  The port director contacted the WA Fish and Wildlife habitat program director about who she could refer who had knowledge about building a break water to protect the ports dock from wind and waves in winter weather.  The Corp of Engineers was suggested and contacted, the contact emailed back with a suggestion of coordinating with WA Fish and Wildlife and said that without a project design, they could not provide information.  Commissioner Kincannon suggested calling the WPPA to find out if another port has done a similar project.  Commissioner Brazil said the Port of Port Townsend has done these projects.  Commissioner Booth said she has seen three prong jax stacked in the water to prevent wave action.  S. Lindgren said the Union Marina uses rocks as a break water.  Commissioner Booth suggested doing more homework, waiting until spring, and delegating it to the new commissioner to tackle the project.  Cody Morris, the commissioner elect inquired about placing a sign in his business establishment advertising his commission position so the public can come into his business with topics for discussion.  The executive director said she would contact the Port’s attorney who is researching RCW’s, Code of Ethics, and consulting with the Public Disclosure commission to provide an answer for C Morris.  Commissioner Booth asked about the Ports ability to collect moorage fees by receiving other forms of payment besides cash and checks.  The director inquired with the County Treasurer who said it is not a possibility at this time to collect any forms of payment for the Port, she said the Port is responsible for collecting its revenue before submitting it to the Treasurers office.  She said the Port could open a merchant account with a bank to accept credit card payments, some caveats are, the port would have to provide wifi at the point of receipt, merchant fees would be associated and someone or a kiosk must be available to receive payment.  The director called a Commissioner from the Port of Grapeview who said a credit card kiosk would cost upwards of $10,000., a merchant services account is required, wifi is required and merchant fees will apply.  He said moorage fees of $10. For an overnight stay only during certain seasons with a total annual revenue of $500. To $800. Dollars does not pencil out.  With the commission’s approval, the fall newsletter was sent to the Lake Cushman admin to include with their newsletter, it was also posted on the Ports website and at the Ports office.

Budget:               September financial statements were reviewed

Old Business:  As discussed above        New Business:    As discussed above

Next Meeting:    November 10th Regular Port commission meeting & 2022 Budget Hearing

Adjourn:          Commissioner Kincannon made a motion to adjourn the Regular Port Commission meeting, Commissioner Brazil seconded, it was unanimously approved, meeting adjourned at 10:25 a.m.

2021 Regular Port Commission Meetings are scheduled as follows:

Wednesday’s at 9am    November 10th, December 15th

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