2021 May 18 Virtual Regular Port Commission Meeting Minutes

Date Published: July 11, 2021


                       OF THE PORT OF HOODSPORT COMMISSION                  

May 18, 2021

Call to Order:   9:00am                                                   Adjourned:  9:56am

Meeting Held at:              Via Zoom Conference Call 

Roll Call:                             Commissioner Booth – Chairwoman

                                                Commissioner Kincannon – 2nd Chairwoman

                                                Terry Brazil – Trustee                                                                                                               

Staff Present:                    K. Wyatt, Executive Director

                                                B. Osborne – Supervisor of Maintenance

                                                S. Lindgren – Maintenance

Public:                                    no public comment

Approval of Agenda:  Commissioner Brazil made a motion to approve the agenda as written; Commissioner Kincannon seconded; unanimously approved.

Minutes: Commissioner Kincannon made a motion to approve the regular port commission minutes for April 14, 2021 and the Public Hearing Minutes to Surplus the Public Restrooms for April 14, 2021 Commissioner Brazil seconded, unanimously approved.

VouchersCommissioner Brazil made a motion to approve the Voucher for April 30, 2021, in the amount of $11,462.84 Commissioner Kincannon seconded, unanimously approved.

Public Communication:   Kirk Boxleitner, a reporter from the Shelton-Mason County Journal was in attendance to listen to the port commission meeting without comment.

Commissioner Reports     Commissioner Brazil said the parking lot at the disc golf course looks much better, it looks nice and clean. B Osborne said S Lindgren took care of the flooded parking area by raking out the rock.  J Goodpastor will be grading it down to the base, removing the bark and putting down gravel from their pit before they close it, he has had a family emergency and will possibly make arrangements in June.  Commissioner Kincannon said she started looking at grants for the dock repair and will have more to report at the next meeting.

Port Maintenance Reports:  

Hoodsport Trail Park & Disc Golf Park:  B. Osborne spoke to B Grondin, the Hoodsport Hills disc golf warden, he said the Shelton Disc Golf Club elected new officers.  They want to schedule a few disc golf events in conjunction with the Shelton disc golf events, they will also be making maps and signs for the course.  Commissioner Booth asked B Osborne if he could get the new officers contact information.  He said M Rothrock was elected as one of the officers and he is supposed to contact the port.

Hoodsport Marina, Dock & Waterfront Park  – B. Osborne said the hanging flower baskets are up on the hangers and the stationary planters are full of flowers and it looks good along the waterfront park driving into Hoodsport.  S Lindgren met with Doug Rogers with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife who came to Ingvold Gronvald public beach to do a grid count of oysters and clams on the port’s public beach. S. Lindgren reserved parking spaces for the crew from the Department of Fish and Wildlife It took them a few days to finish their project. Ian Tracy from Mason County Public health who oversees recreational shellfish safety removed the originals signs they posted prohibiting shellfish harvesting and will be replacing them with new shellfish signs that say shellfish can be harvested from May 1 – September 30th on the public beach with a license however they must cook the shellfish to avoid certain bacteria.  S. Lindgren said there were a couple of boats over 50 feet long that were tied to the end dock, and they were rafting.  He said rafting in windy weather could tear the end dock right off the marina.   Commissioner Booth asked if S. Lindgren knew what type of boats the dock cleats were rated for.  S Lindgren said the cleats are small so people will need smaller lines for boats that are 35’ and under.  The outer edge could host a 60’ boat as long as they watch the wind and weather, they are currently using the boll works to tie their lines up to.  It can handle one boat.  If the boat cuts loose, the boat owners will have to watch for the shallows to the North of the public beach.  S. Lindgren said they need to repair the power washer and weed eater head.  B Osborne was using his own chain saw so when he leaves the Port should purchase a chain saw.   B. Osborne asked NW Tree Service to remove two hazard trees that were a threat to a residential house close to the disc golf park.  Ron Satterfield, Chief of the Hoodsport Fire Department charged the fire line and discovered a valve needed to be replaced on the water line. They ran pressure up from 150 psi to 190 psi and found no leaks, the valves were gummed up and do not close well, the valve at the top if the ramp was impossible to open or close under pressure.  He recommended all 3 valves be cleaned and serviced.  S. Lindgren said he could repair the valve. ‘No Fireworks’ signs will be posted on port property prior to the 4th of July weekend.

Public Restrooms: The Public restrooms were surplus’d to the Purvis’ on April 14th during a public hearing.   B Osborne removed the ports locks on the service disconnect panel and notified the Purvis’, he also gave all the keys for the public restrooms to the Purvis’.

Port parking/Office building/Maintenance shed: B. Osborne and S. Lindgren have Security App’s on their phones to monitor live stream surveillance cameras overlooking the public restrooms, office building, shed, parking lot, waterfront park and the dock.

Port Directors Report

The director and the Port of Hoodsport’s CPA is working on information for the Schedule 22 Audit which is due on May 30th. The Port director received an email from Ron Satterfield regarding the fire line test at the marina dock.   The port director was called by S. Haskins to inquire about using the waterfront park to host a farmers’ market, she has since received approval from Columbia bank to use their parking area for vendors and permission from the church to use their parking area for the public.  The first farmers market will be the first Saturday in June. 

Budget:               April financial statements were reviewed

Old Business:  As discussed above        New Business:       None

Next Meeting:                   June 15th (due to shrimping ) July 14th,

Adjourn:          Commissioner Brazil made a motion to adjourn the Regular Port Commission meeting, Commissioner Kincannon seconded, it was unanimously approved, meeting adjourned at 9:56 a.m.

2021 Regular Port Commission Meetings are scheduled as follows:

9am Tuesday June15, 2021                 

Commissioner Brazil     Commissioner Booth     Commissioner Kincannon