2021 January 13 Virtual Regular Port Commission Meeting Minutes

Date Published: March 3, 2021


                       OF THE PORT OF HOODSPORT COMMISSION                  

January 13, 2021 Call to Order:   9:00am     Adjourned:  9:45am

Meeting Held at:              Via Zoom Conference Call 

Roll Call:                            Commissioner Brazil – Chair

                                                Commissioner Booth

                                               Commissioner Kincannon                                                                                                                     

Staff Present:                    K. Wyatt, Administrative Director

                                                B. Osborne – Director of Maintenance

                                                S. Lindgren – Maintenance – absent

Public:                                   Mike & Geri Purvis – Hood Canal Grocery

                                               Heidi McCutchen – Mason Chamber of Commerce

                                                    Jan Morris – Hardware Distillery

                                                    Annie Bowers – Timberland Regional Library

Approval of Agenda:  Commissioner Booth made a motion to approve the agenda as written; Commissioner Kincannon seconded; unanimously approved.

Minutes: Commissioner Booth made a motion to approve the regular port commission minutes from December 9, 2020, Commissioner Kincannon seconded, unanimously approved.

VouchersApproval of Voucher December 1of 1 12-20-2020 in the amount of $5,852.94

Public Communication:   Commissioner Brazil asked M Purvis if he had comments, M Purvis said he had no comment today.  The port director introduced Annie Bowers with Timberland Regional Library. Annie said she wanted to talk to the Port commission about a partnership whereby the Timberland Regional Library would utilize the Hoodsport trail park to make a story trail.  It would consist of 16-18 metal signs with laminated storybook pages placed along the trail intermittently so people can read a story as they hike along the trail. The story will be changed seasonally and is a great way for the library to interact with people since they can’t be in the libraries but can be outdoors.  She said the story book trail was highly successful when they collaborated with the Olympia Parks department.  Commissioner Booth said it was a great idea and aligns with the ‘No Child Left Inside’ with RCO.  Commissioner Kincannon asked if there would be any reason there would be a problem with installation or vandalism?  Commissioner Brazil said the maintenance crew walks the trails occasionally. Commissioner Booth said as long as the signs are maintained by the library, it could be a great deal.  I propose a partnership between the Port of Hoodsport and the Timberland Regional Library to install a story book trail at the Hoodsport trail park.  Commissioner Kincannon seconded the motion.  Annie said she was thrilled and would create flyers to advertise the story book trail at the Hoodsport Trail park.  G. Purvis said we can distribute flyers at the store to advertise.  J Morris said there has not been electricity, phone or internet today and Highway 101 is closed past the Glen Ayre resort but I am here at the Zoom meeting to talk about the pump outs.  Commissioner Kincannon said she received the RCO and WWRP grant information that was sent to her from H McCutchen.  After reviewing them, neither was a feasible option for the Port public restroom drain field.  The RCO clean vessel grant was out of money, quite competitively based on usage and installation of a pump out station at the dock, I don’t see where we fit in. Construction and maintenance of an onsite sewage pump out station is a real stretch, and we would be at the bottom of the list.  The RCO grant deadline was November 2020 with a two year funding timeline which would push it out to June of 2023.  J Morris said they told her the Hood Canal was a top priority.  Commissioner Kincannon said, again it is for a dock pump out station.  J Morris said I am here to help if there is no interest in the pump out station we will pass.  M Purvis said we get very few boats that need a pump out, maybe 10 boats a year that may have a pump out need.  As I recall the sea lions tore out the last pump out station off the dock.

Commissioner Reports     Commissioner Brazil said we will be nominating and appointing 2021 Officers, a Chairperson, a second Chairperson, a Trustee and 2nd Trustee.  Commissioner Brazil made a motion to nominate Commissioner Booth as Chairperson, Commissioner Kincannon seconded the motion.  Commissioner Booth nominated Commissioner Kincannon as 2nd Chairperson, Commissioner Brazil seconded the motion.  Commissioner Booth nominated Commissioner Brazil to be the Trustee, Commissioner Kincannon seconded the motion.  Commissioner Brazil nominated Commissioner Booth to be the 2nd Trustee, Commissioner Kincannon seconded the motion. 

Port Maintenance Reports:  

Hoodsport Trail Park & Disc Golf Park:   B Osborne had weak internet connection and most of his words were garbled so he declined to comment.  Commissioner Brazil said with inclement weather, the port typically closes the trail park and disc golf course because of high winds which are dangerous with tall trees.  He said he watched a Disc Golf tournament on ESPN and it was incredibly interesting.

Hoodsport Marina, Dock & Waterfront Park

Public Restrooms: Currently closed to the public both as directed by Mason County because of a failed drain field and due to the COVID 19 pandemic for health and safety of the public and personnel. An ADA and 2 Portable restrooms with hand washing stations are available for the publics use. Portable restrooms are serviced Monday and Fridays in winter months. They are serviced additionally when needed. Maintenance personnel monitors garbage and supplies additional toilet paper as needed.

Port parking/Office building/Maintenance shed: B. Osborne and S. Lindgren have Security App’s on their phones to monitor live stream surveillance cameras overlooking the public restrooms, office building, shed, parking lot, waterfront park and the dock.

Port Directors Report A Facility Use Agreement between the Port of Hoodsport and YSS Dive Shop is being reviewed by the port’s attorney, at the dive shops request.  The ports website is out of date and no longer being supported by wordpress, there has also been computer/printer/scanner connection challenges.  I contacted a local IT person who is assisting me with these problems.  He is familiar with website design, website hosting, website domain, handling backups, security and is available remotely for computer questions and problems.  H McCutchen said the Chamber just had a website redesigned with plug ins and the port may want to check with that person who charged $2000.  The port director said the IT guy I am in contact with will do it all for under $1000. Per year.  H. McCutchen said, sign him up.  Commissioner Kincannon said she would like to help with the website.  Commissioner Booth wanted to know if we can upgrade to Microsoft suite 365.  The director said she would ask him to give the port a proposal. Governor Inslee extended the Proclamation 20-28-14 OPMA guideline to continue with 25% capacity, Due to the most recent Governors mandate, COVID-19 health and safety compliance signs are posted on all port properties for the public’s information and on the office window.  The Port of Hoodsport port commission continues using the ‘Zoom’ virtual chat room venue for regular port commission meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic, the public can request an invite to attend the meetings.  Meeting dates are posted on the port’s website, on Mason TV, in the WPPA newsletter and posted on the port office window. Currently, the public may email the port for an invitation to attend the regular port commission meeting.  The request must be received by 4pm the day prior to the scheduled meeting. 

Budget:                  October financial statements were reviewed

Old Business:        As discussed above        New Business:       None

Next Meeting:          February 10, 2021 to be held via internet in a ZOOM chatroom venue

Adjourn:    Commissioner Brazil made a motion to adjourn the Regular Port Commission meeting, Commissioner Booth seconded, it was unanimously approved, meeting adjourned at 9:45 a.m.

2020 Regular Port Commission Meetings are scheduled as follows:

Wednesday’s at 9am February 10th, March 10th, April 14th  2021

Commissioner Brazil      Commissioner Booth        Commissioner Kincannon