2021 December 15th Regular Port Commission Meeting Minutes

Date Published: January 28, 2022


December 15, 2021

Call to Order:   9:21am                                                   Adjourned:  9:38am

Meeting Held at:              Virtual Zoom Conference Meeting Room ID#406-238-9936  

Roll Call:                            Commissioner Kincannon – Chairwoman

                                          Commissioner Brazil – 2nd Chairman and Trustee          

                                           Commissioner Booth –

Staff Present:                    K. Wyatt, Executive Director, S. Lindgren – Supervisor of Maintenance

Public:                               Kristin Mastellar – General Manager PUD#1, Kevin Shutty – Mason County Commissioner District 2

Approval of Agenda:       Commissioner Brazil motioned to amend the Agenda adding K Mastellar and K Shutty so they could update the Port on the EV Charging station grant funding then motioned to approve the remainder of the existing agenda dated December 15, 2021 as written; Commissioner Booth seconded; all in favor, unanimously approved.

Minutes: Commissioner Booth motioned to approve the regular port commission minutes for November 10, 2021, Commissioner Brazil seconded, all in favor, unanimously approved.

VouchersCommissioner Brazil motioned to approve the Voucher for November 30, 2021, in the amount of $6,035.31 Commissioner Kincannon seconded, all in favor, unanimously approved.

Public Communication:   K Mastellar and Commissioner K Shutty are checking in to updating the port on a new EV Charging station funding project with Energy Northwest. This is the same entity that the Port of Hoodsport, PUD#1 along with other business applicants along the Hwy 101 corridor worked on a few years back to obtain grant funding from Energy Northwest with the goal to electrify the Hwy 101 corridor.  The mutual grant application was submitted but not approved at that time.  K Mastellar said there is a new Energy NW statewide grant coming available and wanted to know if the port commission was interested in participating.  Commissioner Kincannon said the port would like to participate but is on a tight budget and will not have availability to matching funds but is in full support of the project and will help in any way we can. The port commission has had discussion with WSDOT and local business owners in Hoodsport who are interested in providing matching funds to install EV Charging station in Hoodsport. Two locations were suggested, one location is on State Rt 119 by the Visitors Center, the other location is by the brewery. At a meeting two months ago, we all listened to WSDOT’s grant funding proposal with state and federal grants that will be coming available which were very expensive and criteria for a minimum infrastructure for 4 charging stations per location.  K Mastellar said they are working with the Union Square in Union who are interested, we do not have all the details or paperwork yet. There are no matching funds, PUD#1 will offer the in-kind services and possibly the private sector will participate.  Commissioner K Shutty said he would go to bat for the Port if they wanted to move in that direction.  Commissioner Kincannon said perfect, we along with the private sector will be interested in further discussion and will wait for more information.

Commissioner Reports     Commissioner Brazil said he took a walk through the Hoodsport Trail Park, it was very muddy and we expect weather to be coming in soon.  Commissioner Booth asked if the donated gravel was delivered to the disc golf parking lot.  S. Lindgren said he spoke to Jann Goodpastor and the gravel will be delivered when her brother is up to it.  Commissioner Kincannon attended the Washington Public Ports Assn (WPPA) New Commissioner seminar in Bellevue at the end of November.  There were WPPA attorneys who were very informative, she will write up a recap of the seminar. One of the highlights was the WPPA is writing a procedure manual for all ports to help facilitate with procedures and circumstances that may arise.

Commissioner Kincannon said she has a QR code for the Hoodsport Trail Park brochure and map, is working on rewording the brochure and has given the map of the Hoodsport Trail Park to a graphic designer for updating. 

Port Maintenance Reports:  

Hoodsport Trail Park & Disc Golf Park:  S Lindgren said he does not have a definitive date as to when the gravel will be delivered to the disc golf parking lot as per his conversation with Jann Goodpastor.  The gate to the trail park is closed as of yesterday because it was snowing heavily.

Hoodsport Marina, Dock & Waterfront Park:  Commissioner Booth asked if the maintenance contractor who is gone has any of the port’s keys.  S Lindgren said yes, we will have to replace the master locks on the shed and gate, the dumpster key is issued by the garbage company, I don’t think we need to worry about it. I am looking for another maintenance person to replace him.

Public Restrooms: During a public hearing on April 14, 2021, the public restrooms were surplus’d to the Purvis’ whose plan are to reopen them at their expense, they will replace the drain field and repair the septic system in accordance with the Mason County Environmental health specifications.   Until then, the Port of Hoodsport and the Purvis’ continue to provide portable restrooms with washing stations for the publics use. 

Port parking/Office building/Maintenance shed: S. Lindgren monitors live stream surveillance cameras overlooking the public restrooms, office building, port shed, parking lot, waterfront park and marina dock. It appears the same people continue to dump household garbage.

Port Directors Report

The port director said after two years of service, today, sadly is the last day Commissioner Booth will serve on the Port of Hoodsport’s commission, she thanked Commissioner Booth for her dedication and devoted service to the Port of Hoodsport.  Her strengths, which include her commitment, diplomacy, mindfulness, focus of community needs and the perseverance required to move through challenging decisions are very much appreciated. Commissioner Booth served as Chairperson in 2021 and spearheaded the health and maintenance of the marina, dock, and waterfront park.  We wish you the best of luck with all that is ahead of you and you are always welcome to attend our port meetings.  The port director welcomed Cody Morris, our newly elected commissioner who was elected in the November election to serve as Port Commissioner Position #3 a six year term replacing Commissioner Booth. Cody, you will fill out the paperwork provided to you by the elections office and will be sworn in in front of a notary by or before the meeting on January 12th

Budget:               November 2021 financial statements were reviewed

Old Business:  As discussed above        New Business:    As discussed above

Next Meeting:    January 12th, 2022

Adjourn:          Commissioner Kincannon made a motion to adjourn the Regular Port Commission meeting, Commissioner Booth seconded, all in favor, unanimously approved, meeting adjourned at 9:38a.m.

2022 Regular Port Commission Meetings are scheduled as follows:

Wednesday’s at 9am   January 12th             

Commissioner Brazil                Commissioner Booth          Commissioner Kincannon