2020 June 10 Virtual Regular Port Commission Minutes

Date Published: July 17, 2020


 Call to Order:   9:00am         Adjourned:  10:15am           Meeting Held at:    Via Zoom Conference Call

Roll Call:     Commissioner Petz – Commission Chair,   Commissioner Brazil,   Commissioner Booth

 Staff Present:      K. Wyatt, Port Operations Manager, B. Osborne – Director of Maintenance-absent, S. Lindgren – Maintenance

Public:    none

Approval of Agenda:  Commissioner Brazil made a motion to approve the agenda as written; Commissioner Booth seconded; unanimously approved.

Minutes: Commissioner Brazil made a motion to approve the virtual regular port commission minutes from May 27, 2020, Commissioner Booth seconded, unanimously approved.

Vouchers:   The following Vouchers/Warrants were approved for payment: There were no Vouchers to be approved.

Public Communication:   none

Commissioner Reports:  Commissioner Petz said he has not had success in discussion with the Purvis’ about the public restroom septic situation since the last regular port commission meeting.

Port Maintenance Reports:

Hoodsport Trail Park & Disc Golf Park:  S. Lindgren is clearing hiking trails as needed. We are waiting for the parking lot to be redressed, there is a big wet spot where the portable restrooms are currently located, and the septic guy is having trouble accessing the portable restroom to clean it, the restrooms may need to be moved to another spot. Hoodsport Hills course warden maintains the 9-hole golf course and is opening/closing the chain barrier during the day for disc golfers.

Hoodsport Marina, Dock & Waterfront Park: S. Lindgren said lots of people are using the dock and the waterfront park. Snails have been eating the flowers in the planters and the plants may need to be replaced.  Garbage has increased in and around the waterfront park, mason county garbage is now picking up the garbage once per week.

Public Restrooms: Currently closed to the public as per the COVID-19 pandemic. Portable restrooms with hand washing stations provided by the Port and the Purvis’ are available for the public.

Port parking/Office building/Maintenance shed: B. Osborne and S. Lindgren have Security App’s on their phones and are monitoring the live stream surveillance cameras that oversee the public restrooms, office building, shed, parking lot, waterfront park and the dock.

Port Operations Manager Report

The port administrator spoke to the Washington Public Ports Assn, they use Zoom to have their virtual meetings, they suggested paying $15.00 per month to allow an unlimited zoom session with additional security.  The port commission agreed that would be a necessary cost during the COVID 19 meeting restrictions.  The port administrator said she and Wittenberg CPA have been working on the annual Schedule 22 state audit. The Port of Hoodsport port commission is using ‘Zoom’ virtual chat room venue for public meetings during the COVID-19  to adhere to social distancing mandates.  Meeting dates are posted on the port’s website, picked up by MasonTV, WPPA newsletter and is posted on the port office window.  A zoom invitation will be sent to anyone requesting to be present at a regular port meeting. Current Port meeting protocol requires the agenda to have two sections reading “Necessary and Routine” and “Necessary and Routine Topics and Actions in Response to COVID-19 Outbreak”. Currently, the public may email comments to the ports email address to include in the minutes but may not participate in the meetings. A Resolution authorizing the executive administrator to act in making decisions in an emergency situation, closure of the public restrooms for the safety of the public and maintenance personnel and holding regular port commission meetings online via ZOOM were the changes that have been made during the COVID-19 situation.

Budget:                  The May 2020 financial statement was reviewed                                            Old Business:        As discussed above                             New Business:       None

Next Meeting:          June 24, 2020 to be held via internet in a ZOOM chatroom venue

Adjourn:      Commissioner Brazil made a motion to adjourn the Regular Port Commission meeting, Commissioner Booth seconded, it was unanimously approved, meeting adjourned at 10:15 a.m.

 2020 Regular Port Commission Meetings are scheduled as follows:   Wednesday’s at 9am     June 24th





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