2017 February 8 Minutes

Date Published: June 1, 2017



February 8, 2017

Call to Order:
                Adjourned: 10:15am

Meeting Held at:    Hoodsport Port Commission Office 24113 N US Hwy 101 #A Hoodsport, WA

Roll Call:     Commissioner O’ Laughlin – excused absence

Commissioner Brazil

    Commissioner Petz – Commission Chair

Staff Present:     K. Wyatt, Port Operations Manager

                B. Osborne, Maintenance Director

Public:         Bill Heil – Hood Canal Electric

Approval of Agenda:
Commissioner Brazil made a motion to approve the February 8, 2017 meeting agenda, Commissioner Petz seconded, unanimously approved.

Commissioner Brazil made a motion to approve the Regular Port Commission minutes of January 11, 2017; Commissioner Petz seconded, unanimously approved.

Commissioner Brazil motioned to approve the following Vouchers for payment

January 1of1 totaling $5,960.91; Commissioner Petz seconded, unanimously approved.

Public Communication:
Bill Heil assessed the light fixtures on the port dock pier and gave the Port commission a brief summary of the current condition. Bill stated that only two light fixtures are working with a common photocell. He proposes the Port change the light fixtures to LED lights with individual photo cells. The outlets were inspected and in the wet, salty environment they are exposed to condensation, constant moisture and are showing signs of erosion and they should be replaced. The Panel meter boxes are not as bad; they can be replaced with a stainless steel version but in his opinion do not necessarily need to be replaced. Commissioner Brazil suggested the commission look over the narrative proposal and discuss it at the next regular port commission meeting.

Commissioner Reports:
Commissioner Brazil met with Betty Widing, president of the local Lions Club, B. Osborne, the Ports maintenance director and the owner of the Gazebo which is located at Lake Cushman in division 14. At the last regular port commission meeting, B. Osborne said he knew people who were going to remove their gazebo, B. Osborne offered to ask if they were willing to donate it to the Lions club for re assembly and public use. Betty W. was very pleased with the gazebo and that it was offered to the Lions Club in this venue, Betty W., Commissioner Brazil and the current owner of the gazebo discussed disassembling and transporting the gazebo to the Hoodsport Trail Park in the summer months. B. Osborne and Betty W. will spearhead and organize the breakdown, reassembly and transportation of the gazebo. B. Osborne said a permanent spot by the first hole at the Disc Golf Course in the upper parking area at the Hoodsport Trail Park will be the best spot for highest and best use. He said footers will need to be in place before the gazebo can be moved.

Commissioner Brazil received a phone call from the U. S. Coast Guard on the East Coast who wanted the Ports assistance with education funding for coast guard training. They were asking for a donation based on the number of employees at the Port of Hoodsport. Commissioner Brazil said the Port of Hoodsport does not have employees and runs on contracted personnel, based on the number of employees at the Port of Hoodsport it could not assist with a donation.

Port Maintenance Reports:

Hoodsport Marina, Dock & Waterfront Park: B. Osborne said the Christmas tree structure and lights and Candy Canes were removed in January. Moles have become a problem in the grass areas of the waterfront park. B. Osborne will check to see what can be done.

Public Restrooms: The door locking system is working well. Locking the door each night is a function coordinated with and locked by IGA.

Hoodsport Trail Park: Household trash continues to be an issue at the garbage cans located at the lower parking area of the Hoodsport Trail Park entrance. The park is in winter mode and gates are closed when there is inclement weather due to high winds and water coming down the creek.

Port Operations Manager Report:

K. Wyatt received the report for the semiannual pump out of the public restroom septic tank.  Commissioner Petz reviewed the document and said the septic tank was functioning at normal capacity.  K. Wyatt received the 2017 Mason County Levy summary and shared it with the Port commission so they have the Port of Hoodsport's Districts valuation at hand.  In 2017 the Port of Hoodsport will collect .27 cents per $1000.00 of assessed property values within its port district.  K. Wyatt shared the Washington Public Ports Assn Ports Job summary for the State of Washington.  Not including Contracted employees (of which the Port of Hoodsport consists of) 71,300 direct jobs have been created under 75 Washington Port Districts which span across 33 counties.  Mason County has five Port districts.  There are 36,700 direct jobs related to industrial and commercial lands, 16,300 direct jobs related to commercial aviation and airports, 10,600 direct jobs related to maritime, 4,400 direct jobs related to tourism and 3,300 direct jobs are related to marine terminals in the state of Washington.  K. Wyatt contacted PUD#1 regarding the December public restroom electric bill because of a spike in the amount owed.  PUD#1 said that every year at this particular time, the weather is usually exceptionally cold and in reviewing the public restroom bill from the last 3 years, it was a normal occurrence.  A letter was sent from the Port of Hoodsport to the Washington Public Ports Associations finance committee regarding its support for proposed legislation to allow public ports to implement a public works bid limit of $40,000.00.  Currently the port districts do not have bid limits and the state auditor has advised that port districts cannot create their own bid limits in absence of legislation. If legislation is passed, it would increase efficiency.  K. Wyatt updated the commission on the status of the EV Car Charging station grant proposal.  Michael Mann with Cyan Strategies said the DC fast-charging project at Port of Hoodsport. The utility cost estimate to upgrade the service and reroute the 1PH is just shy of $7,000. for the Utility contribution. His understanding is that the PUD would be willing to donate up to $2,000 in labor and materials to the transformer upgrade. Regarding the WSDOT Grant, the WSDOT grant could provide the $5,000 gap to bring 480/3-phase power to the site. WSDOT has postponed the publication of the grant process until the end of February. Additional due diligence, prior to the grant application, the determination of the site host, property ownerships and execution of a site host agreement, or at least an intention to execute an agreement if funded. Other construction costs need to be identified and estimated in order to determine the funding request from WSDOT. K. Wyatt responded immediately with all of the information Michael Mann will need to complete the grant application and is available for other information that may be needed. In regards to the dock repair from storm damage in October 2016, two bids were received however the Port Commission decided it needed a spec sheet so the bids that are received will be comparing apples to apples.  Commissioner Petz will create a spec sheet prior to receiving the third bid.  Commissioner Petz 6 year Port Commission term is up in 2017, Commissioner Petz said he is definitely going to run for the Port of Hoodsport Commission position again in the upcoming 2017 election.

Budget:     The Port of Hoodsport reviewed the January Financial Statement.

Old Business:     As discussed above

New Business:     None

Next Meet:      Regular Port Commission meeting Wednesday March 8, 2017 at 9:00am

Adjourn:         Commissioner Petz made a motion to adjourn the Regular Port Commission meeting, Commissioner Brazil seconded, unanimously approved, meeting adjourned at 10:15 am

2017 Regular Port Commission Meetings are scheduled as follows:

Wednesday’s at 9a.m.

March 8, April 12

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Commissioner O’ Laughlin Commissioner Petz Commissioner Brazil