2012, 05 22

Date Published: October 20, 2012



May 22, 2012


Call to Order:   9:00am                                                      Adjourned: 9:50pm


Roll Call:                               Commissioner O’Laughlin – excused absence

                                                Commissioner Brazil

Commissioner Petz


Staff Present:                      KS  LeMaster, Port Operations Manager



Public:                                   Mark McDougall ~ Fire District 1 Chief


Approval of Agenda:  Commissioner Petz made a motion to approve the 6-5-12 meeting agenda. Commissioner Brazil seconded, unanimously approved.


Minutes: Commissioner Petz made a motion to approve the minutes of May 22, 2012. Commissioner Petz seconded, unanimously approved.


Vouchers: Commissioner Petz made a motion to approve the Voucher June (1of1), Commissioner Brazil seconded, unanimously approved.


Public Communication: 

Fire Commissioner McDougall from Fire District #1 ~ Hoodsport reported their fire department inspected the fire line on the Port Marina dock and determined the fire line was obsolete due to the proximity of the fire line to the boat slips.  If there was a boat on fire, the heat would deter anyone from using the fire line.  The fire department suggested the Port cap off the fire line and rely on the fire department to handle any situations that may arise.


Commissioner Reports:  

Commissioner Brazil asked a citizen not to cut fire wood out of the Hoodsport Trail Park as it is private property and he did not have permission.


Port Maintenance Reports:


Port Operations Manager Report:

All Port Details on the ‘Celebrate Hoodsport’ have been arranged.  The Port will hire two Off duty Sheriffs to remain from 4pm to 2am July 7th, one off duty State Trooper with through traffic instruction and an impound tow truck to stand by. Signs will be posted to vacate the public dock and streets by 5:30pm.Impound signs will be placed along the street in front of the Port Marina and West Realty.  The public restrooms will be cleaned & tanks pumped before and after the event.  The Port dock & streets will be cleared by 5:30pm.

Resolution 12-1 was signed to move timber revenue in to a line item for restoration of the Hoodsport Trail Park.  Restoration work has begun, the WSU 4H Forestry group will work from July 9 – August 10, 2012.

AARF will provide information on surveillance camera’s for the Port dock & the Hoodsport Trail Park.

Port Centennial books will be donated to the Hoodsport Library for the Public’s use & enjoyment.

The Port of Hoodsport along with all Mason County Ports will join the Washington Tourism Alliance to help promote tourism in Mason County.


Budget:    Review of Expenditures/Revenue for the month ending April 2012


Old Business:


  1. Discussion/Direction Regarding the Septic Design, Temporary & Permanent Restroom Projects: 

Septic Design:  Commissioner Petz & the architect are moving forward as per requirements made at the pre conference meeting with Mason County.

Permanent Restrooms:  CXT Montrose is the consideration.

Temporary Restrooms:  Up & running & being monitored.

Commissioner Petz summarized the current tasks in the process of the Permanent Restrooms.  The Easement will be resigned & recorded. Permit fees will be submitted.  After the septic designer reviewed the pump out reports, he scaled down the size of the septic leaving a full size drain field for possible future growth. Working on the contract with the WA State Co Op for the Permanent restroom facility. Commissioner Petz is looking at a Sept/Oct. timeframe for the Permanent restroom facility to be in operation.


New Business:


Next Meetings:  Next meeting date is Tuesday July 17 at 9am.


2012 Tuesday Meetings are scheduled as follows:

July 17th @ 9am, July 31st @ 9am, August 7th @ 9am, August 21st @ 9am


Adjourn: Commissioner Petz made a motion to adjourn the Regular Port meeting. Commissioner Brazil approved, meeting adjourned at 9:50am



Minutes Approved: May 22, 2012



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Commissioner O’Laughlin        Commissioner Petz                  Commissioner Brazil