2008, 03 12

Date Published: July 21, 2012



MARCH 12, 2008


Call to order:    9:30 a.m.                                                       Adjourned:   11:20 a.m.


Roll Call:        Commissioner Frank Benavente

Commissioner Jack Hamlin

Commissioner John Wyatt

Administrative Assistant Tiffany Clowes


Introduction of Guests:         


No Guests Present


Key discussion points were:


Approval of Minutes


Commissioner Hamlin made a motion to “Delay approval of minutes till next meeting,” Motion was approved unanimously.


Approval of Vouchers


Commissioner Hamlin made a motion to “Approve voucher for March 12, 2008”. The motion was approved unanimously”


Agenda Changes


Action Item # 5 – Administrative Assistant Position moved to No 1 Item for discussion.  Administrative Position awarded to Tiffany N. Clowes. This action item was approved unanimously.


Action Item # 2 – Commissioner Wyatt made a “Motion to Delay Review of the Finalization of 2008 Commissioners Responsibilities tell the next meeting.” The motion was approved unanimously.



Action Item # 3 – Dock Repair Permit & Recommendations. Marine Floats Proposed two bids one for repair of the old dock and one for replacement of the dock


1.            Permit Process -Still waiting for permits.

2.            Pump house for Installation-we are attempting to get the two contractors to work together on this project.

3.            Huston Excavating-They asked for reimbursement for the different stages of the bid.  The State has agreed to these terms.


Action Item # 4 – Derelict Vessel.  As a result of the Officers not being able to make contact with the vessel the vessel has now sunk and is sitting in three feet of water and hanging from a rope that is anchored to the dock.  This is causing more damage to the Dock.

Action Item # 5 – Office Furniture The office furniture belongs to the Sunrise Motel. The Port needs to make a decision on whether to approve the purchasing of the furniture from the Sunrise Motel or Purchase new furniture and return the furniture, minus the computer equipment, to the Sunrise Motel.


Discussion Items


Item # 1-Executive Director Employment

This item was skipped over until the position has been filled.


Item # 2-Foothills Park Public Meeting:

Based on all the information the parks director wants to hold another public meeting for design plans. Anyone can locate the key for those padlocks to gain entrance to the park can contact John Keats, Parks Director at (360)-427-9670 ext. 669.


Item # 3-Commissioners Retreat.

Commissioner Hamlin motioned for this to be moved to our next session.  The motion was approved unanimously.


Item #. 4-Pumpout Project.

            Commissioner Wyatt motioned for this to be moved to our next session. The motion was approved unanimously.


Item # 5-Individual Commissioner Reports.

Commissioner Wyatt: No Report was given.

Commissioner Hamlin: Reported major dilemma over removing the sunken derelict vessel.  He will make sure this situation is taken care of.

Chair Commissioner Benavente: A couple of Project Meetings needed to be attended by the Board Members, Sewer Project and there will be a Luncheon which is RSVP held by the EDC at Zhins.


Item # 5-Correspondence


Ø Mason County Auditors

Ø Washington State University.

Ø Charlie Gay with The Mason County Journal

Ø Review of the Press Release – On the Docks system


Commissioners Plan Next Regular Agenda


The following items will be on our next agenda.

Ø      Finalization of 2008 Commissioners’ Responsibilities

Ø      Dock Repair Permit/Recommendations

Ø      Derelict Vessel

Ø      Office Furniture

Ø      Executive Director Employment

Ø      Commissioner Retreat

Ø      Pump out Project


Adjourned at 11:20 a.m.